RCI Science High students explore famous landmarks in Central Luzon

By: Adjale G. Wyson

As if it were an extra treat before their much awaited semestral break, the Roosevelt College, Inc.  (RCI) Science High School students embarked on their annual educational trip hosted by Maynilad Tours on October 27, 2016, this time exploring famous landmarks in Tarlac and Pampanga in Central Luzon.

Armed with curious minds, notebooks and pens, and tons of food, the students  went on a journey to deepen their understanding of historical and scientific concepts by visiting the Capas National Shrine in Tarlac and the Clark Museum and the Museum of Science of Altered Perception in Pampanga.

As the local counterpart of the world famous Holocaust Museum, the Capas National Shrine, with its towering obelisk and surrounding walls, paid tribute to the fallen Filipino and American soldiers in the infamous Death March following the Fall of Bataan.

“Nakalulungkot ang sinapit ng mga sundalo na isiniksik sa train ng mga gulay. Talagang mamamatay sila doon.  (I am really saddened by what befell the soldiers who were compressed in a train used for delivering vegetables. They would really die there),” commented RCI campus head Penelope Mercado.  “I am happy that this trip created awareness among the kids about what happened back then,” she added.

The Clark Museum, on the other hand, featured the fusion of American and local Kapampangan influences. Model aircrafts and military equipment were placed side-by-side with exhibits showcasing local traditions which include the penitensya, or self-flagellation, and crucifixion in memory of Christ’s suffering.

“Natuwa po ako dahil naipakita sa museum ang  kultura ng Pampanga bukod sa kung saan sila kilala ngayon, hindi lang sa mga paintings, pati na rin sa kasaysayang nailahad sa mga bagay sa loob nito (I felt happy because the museum was able to showcase Pampanga’s culture aside from how it is known today, not just in the paintings, but also in the history retold through the artifacts), commented Joy Fetalvero, Filipino teacher.

In the Science of Altered Perception, the students marveled at how visual arts techniques can be used to create animation and distort visual acuity.

“Napanood ko na ‘to sa TV eh (I already saw this on TV),” Cheska Cayago, a Grade 9 student, remarked as she gazed at the visual exhibits. “Now I know the principles behind these effects.”

“Ma’am, dito kami talagang natuwa sa mga pinuntahan natin (Ma’am, this is where we really had fun among the places we visited.),” Joana Gianan, a Grade 7 student, commented. Indeed, the pictures, mostly selfies, the students took of the exhibits are interesting displays on social media.

As the students finally alighted the buses at the end of the trip, big smiles were on their faces as they recalled the fun-filled learning experience they had.