RCI administrators and faculty undergo a workshop on UbD

Master teachers, campus heads, and principals of Roosevelt College, Inc. (RCI), attended a one-and-a-half day workshop on Bridging Understanding by Design into the Classroom: Practical Approaches to Implementing Understanding by Design (UbD), on February 17–18, 2017, at RCI Cainta SED Library. Nicole Concepcion-Inocencio, a consultant from the Far Eastern University (FEU), facilitated the session with her sister, Teacher Cathy Concepcion.

The workshop aimed to help RCI master teachers create a deeper understanding of their topics and units as well as to guide them in preparing for their blended- learning activities. In RCI, blended learning will require collaboration between the master teacher and a facilitator when students are asked to work independently or in groups on assigned tasks.

Topics covered by Inocencio included philosophy of teaching, chunking of learning topics and learning competencies, relationship of topics to big ideas, essential questions, assessment, and blended learning, among others. This coverage also served as an introduction to UbD with focus on the alignment of content standards, instruction, and student assessment.

In her message to the participants, RCI Vice President for Academic Affairs Gillian Virata announced that the workshop was the start of an educational development  program for RCI faculty that will intensify during the summer. “We must prepare to provide a school experience that nurtures a love for learning in all our students and teachers,” she said.

“Ito ay isang makasaysayang hapon [this is one historical afternoon],” said one Araling Panlipunan teacher Lilia Braga of RCI Marikina. “What I like best was the facilitators suggesting alternative ways of doing a task and their making us think deeply,” added Maria Victoria Lauraya, a Science teacher at RCI Marikina. For Imelda Mitra of RCI Rodriguez, UbD will be very useful to teachers but she thinks they have to be given enough time in preparing the learning plan.

Workshop activities were highly interactive with participants working in pairs and in groups. Plenary presentations revealed the participants’ creativity and understanding of the topics.

Below are some of the key takeaways from the workshop:


This activity was another concrete step in reaffirming the school’s commitment to academic excellence by introducing innovative approaches to teaching and learning. It was done in close collaboration with FEU, of which RCI is a member school.

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