Academic Information

A. Admission Requirements

1. Entrance Requirements

  •  Form 138
  •  I.D. Pictures (2 copies 2” x 2”)
  •  Entrance Examination
  •  Interview

2. Transfer Requirements

  •  Honorable Dismissal/Transfer Credentials
  •  Transcript of Records/Scholastic Records
  •  I.D. Pictures (2 copies 2” x 2”)
  •  Entrance Examination
  •  Interview

3. Cross Registration

  • Cross registration permit from the Dean of the school of origin



B. Academic Load

Full-time students are allowed to take the maximum semestral academic load units during the regular semester and 9 units during the Summer term. Working students are allowed a maximum of 18 units during the regular semester.


C. Registration

A student is considered officially enrolled if he or she has complied with all the admission requirements and has duly accomplished and submitted a certificate of registration, validated by the Finance Office.


D. Enrolment Procedure

Step 1: Counseling

Proceed to Guidance Office

a. For new student

  • Fill up the Application for Admission
  • Pay the examination fee at the Cashier’s Office
  • Submit credentials:

° 2 x 2 picture

° Photocopy of F-138

° Certificate of Good Moral Character

  • Take the Entrance Exam
  • See the Guidance Counselor for interview

b. For old student, proceed to Step 2

Step 2: Advising

Get the Adviser’s Slip from the Dean’s or Chairman’s Office and

For new student – get and fill up the program flowchart

For old student – update the program flowchart and present to adviser as basis for loading

Step 3: Loading

Copy the schedule of subject posted on the Bulletin Board in Adviser’s Slip and have it approved by the adviser.

Step 4: Registration

Go to the Registrar’s Office, get official Registration Form.

Step 5: Approval

Let the Registration form be approved by the Adviser and Dean.

Step 6: Assessment of Fees

Go to the Cashier’s Office for assessment

Step 7: Payment of Fees

Pay fees at Cashier’s Office

Step 8: Submission of Registration Form

Submit to Dean’s Office copy of Registration Form. Keep the student’s copy.


E. National Services Training Program (NSTP)

All incoming freshmen, male and female, enrolled in any baccalaureate and in at least a two-year technical-vocational or associate courses are required to complete one (1) NSTP component of their choice equivalent to 6 units, as a graduation requirement.

Male students who have completed two (2) semesters of basic ROTC or Expanded ROTC (E-ROTC) prior to the implementation of NSTP Act of 2002 are deemed to have complied with the requirements of this Act. Those who have taken only one (1) semester of Basic ROTC or E-ROTC shall take one more semester of this subject to qualify for graduation.


F. Dropping of Subjects

A student may be allowed to drop any or all of his/her subjects without getting a grade of “5”, on or before the day prior to the official period of the mid-term examination.

A student who, by force of circumstances, drops his/her subjects officially after the mid-term examination will get either a grade of “5” if his/her performance is unsatisfactory or “Dropped/Withdraw” if his/her performance is satisfactory.

The official dropping form is available at the Office of the Dean.


G. Changing of Subjects

Change of subjects shall be allowed only for valid reasons and shall be done through an official form issued by the Office of the Dean. This shall only become official when duly approved by the Dean concerned and must be done two weeks after the opening of classes.


H. Scholastic Delinquency Rules

A student must pass at least 51% of the total number of units he/she is enrolled in as of the last day of the registration. Failure to do so for two consecutive semesters shall be cause for dismissal from the College.

In addition, every student in College is subject to the following rules:

1. Warning. Any student who obtains final grades at the end of semester below “3” in at most 25% of the total number of academic units for which he/she is registered shall be warned by the Dean to improve his/her work.

2. Probation. Any student who, at the end of the semester, obtains final grades below “3” in 26% to 50% of the total number of academic units for which he/she is registered, shall be placed on probation for the succeeding semester, and his/her load shall be limited to the extent determined by the Dean, provided that this shall not apply to students who receive final grades in less than 6 academic units.

Probation may be removed by passing the subjects with grades of “3” or better in more than 75% of the units in which he/she registered in the succeeding semester.

3. Dismissal

a. Any student who, at the end of the semester, obtains final grades below “3” in at least 52% of the total number of academic units in which he/she receives final grades shall be dropped from the rolls of this College, provided that, this shall not apply to students who received final grades in less than 9 academic units.

b. Any student on probation in accordance with rule (a) above who again fails 26% or more of the total number of units in which he/she has registered, shall be dropped from the rolls of this College.


Examination and Grading

A. Giving the Examination. A week before the Preliminary, Mid-term, Semi-final and Final Examinations, the Dean’s Office issues a schedule of examination hours. The faculty member is required to follow this schedule strictly. No one may give individual students or groups of students special examinations without the approval of the Dean.

The faculty member should conduct and supervise the quizzes and formal examinations in absolute fairness. The faculty member should not send anybody to substitute for him. If, for some unavoidable reasons, a faculty member cannot personally administer the examination, he should notify the Dean as soon as possible, giving the latter sufficient time to locate and send a substitute

B. Examination Permit. Every student who takes the examination must present an examination permit.

No student is allowed to take the scheduled examination nor should grades be given him without presentation by the student of his examination permit.

Faculty members will be held responsible for students who will be allowed to take the examination and give grades without presentation of the proper examination permits.

C. Grading System. The 9-point grading system should be followed in giving the mid-term and final grades. Below is the 9-point system with the percentage and letter grade equivalents. Percentage and letter grades should not be used:

Nine-Point System % Equivalent
1.00 98-100
1.25 95-97
1.50 92-94
1.75 89-91
2.00 86-88
2.25 83-85
2.50 80-82
2.75 77-79
3.00 75-76
5.00 70 and below

Removal of Grade of “Incomplete”

The removal of a grade of “incomplete” shall not exceed one academic year from the date the grade was received.

A mark of “incomplete” becomes a “Failure” after the lapse of one year or when a student fails to make a special examination on the scheduled date.

The completion grade shall be entered in a completion form available at the Registrar’s Office and must be duly approved by the Dean and validated by the Finance Office.



1. Entrance Scholarship

Entrance scholarship is awarded for one semester to any student who graduated from the high school as Valedictorian, Salutatorian, or Honorable Mention with the corresponding tuition fee privilege.

2. Full Academic Scholarship

Full academic scholarship is granted for one semester to a student who obtains a point grade average of not lower than 1.45 in the academic subjects in the previous semester, provided that:

a. the student carries an academic load of not less than 15 units

b. the student has no grade of “Incomplete” or “Dropped” in any of the subjects enrolled in including P.E. and NSTP; or

c. the student has no grade lower than 2.0 in any of the academic subjects enrolled in.

3. Partial Academic Scholarship

Partial academic scholarship is awarded for one semester to a student who obtains a point grade average of not lower than 1.75 in the academic subjects in the previous semester provided he/she satisfies the conditions stipulated in item 2.

4. Non-Academic scholarship may be granted to athletes and members of the arts/ cultural group in accordance with the rules formulated by the Executive Scholarship Committee.

5. R.A. 6728 Scholarship:

100%, 75%, 50% discount in tuition fee, to cover 5% of new students.

6. For other scholarships/grants, get information from the Guidance Office.

7. Any scholarship granted by the College shall be cancelled for any misconduct on the part of the student.

8. All scholarships/grants must be applied for and renewed every semester. Application forms may be secured from the Guidance Office and shall be filed with the Dean.

9. Students who are granted non-academic scholarships must carry only the regular load for his/her course program.


Honors Program

The Tertiary Education Division is establishing the Honors Program to honor degree or certificate students in recognition of outstanding achievement and scholarly merit of undergraduate students who achieve academic excellence. This program will be awarded at the second month of every semester in two (2) categories for students included in the:

A. President’s List – Students who have

1. earned at least 15 credit units;

2. achieved a grade point average (GPA) of not lower than 1.25 for the semester;

3. undergraduate status

B. Dean’s List – Students who have

1. earned at least 15 credit units;

2. achieved a grade point average (GPA) of not lower than 1.50 for the semester;

3. undergraduate status



* The student must qualify to the above listed requirements

* The student who meets these requirements shall receive a congratulatory letter from the Vice President for Academics, Tertiary Education

* A certificate of inclusion in the President’s List or the Dean’s List will be awarded in simple ceremonies in the second month of each semester

* As an honor student he/she is entitled to the following privileges:

* Eligibility for a wide array of competitive scholarships

* Opportunities for inclusion in faculty research projects

* Publication of name in the RCS website during the semester awarded and the appropriate issue of the Roosevelt College Chronicle

* Recording of the honor in the transcript of records

* Membership in the Honors Society

* The listing is an independent honor from any scholarship program of RCS and does not automatically entitle the President’s or Dean’s Lister to a scholarship



* Eligibility to these honors is to be determined by the Registrar from the submitted grades by the respective faculty members, two (2) weeks after the end of each semester. List with grade computations is submitted to the VP Academics who counter checks the lost with the Dean’s records of grades submitted by the faculty.

* Congratulatory letter is prepared by the Office of the VP Academics and awarding ceremony specifically scheduled. The Certification of Inclusion in the President’s or Dean’s List is prepared for the signature of the President and the appropriate Dean respectively.

* During the Awarding Ceremony the honor student is inducted into the Honors Society of Roosevelt College System.


Graduation Requirements

1. Pre-requisites for graduation are:

a. Satisfactory compliance with all academic, non-academic, and other requirement of the given department

b. Residence of at least one year (the last year)

c. Settlement of all financial and property obligations to the school.

2. All the candidates for graduation shall file with the Registrar’s Office their application within the first month of their last two (2) semesters in the College


Graduation with Honors

Students who complete their respective courses with the following point averages computed on the basis of academic units shall be granted Honors, provided they are (a) in full residence in the Institution and (b) they have no grade of “Incomplete” or “Dropped” or grade below 2.0 in any subject including P.E. and NSTP. Full residence means residency from first year to the graduation date:

SUMMA CUM LAUDE   ……………………   1.00 to 1.25

MAGNA CUM LAUDE   …………………..   1.26 to 1.50

CUM LAUDE …………………………………….   1.51 to 1.75


Dean’s List

The college publishes the list of students who qualify in the Dean’s List every semester.