Secondary Education Department

The enriched K-12 curriculum of secondary education of Roosevelt College, Inc. (RCI) is designed to equip students with the knowledge, competencies, and skills they need to thrive in a world changing at unprecedented speed. The curriculum and the way it is delivered is geared toward mastery by RCI students of information technology—not only as users but as designers, programmers, and innovators—across a wide range of fields of study and interest.

The approach to learning in RCI prepares junior high school and senior high school students for the future by blending teacher-facilitated and student-led inquiry and discovery—both supported intensely by educational technology and a variety of learning resources. In addition to the core subjects prescribed by DepEd for Grade 7 to Grade 12, RCI will enrich the curriculum with advanced classes in science, research, math, reading, and writing. Students will be prepared to continue on to college; they will also be equipped to participate as engaged, just, and compassionate citizens in a democracy.