Scholarship and Discounts


Through a program of scholarships, opportunities for higher education are provided, some of which are as follows:

  1. Sponsored Scholarship

Funded by the CTE Scholarship Endowment Fund, the award is for the total support of the scholar for four years subject to the CTE Academic Performance Delinquency Rules and the provisions of the CTE Scholarship Contract, which the student signs upon accepting the award.

  1. DOST Science Scholarship

As a Science Center for Physics recognized by DOST-SEL, the CTE accepts applications from 3rd and 4th year students who desire to major in Physics. DOST scholars receive financial support for tuition and other fees, textbooks and transportation allowances during the academic year. The qualifications for acceptance to this scholarship and the requirements to maintain the scholarship are available at the Dean’s Office.

  1. New Scholarship…Inquire from the Dean’s Office

Discount Privileges

  1. Students who graduated from high school with honors are granted the following tuition fee discounts (Note:  Verify DEPED’s regulation on size of graduating class, and up to what level of honorable mention is 25% discount granted.):

Valedictorian                     100%

Salutatorian                        50%

Honorable Mention        25%

  1. Students who graduated from any unit of the Roosevelt College System are granted 10 % tuition fee discount.
  1. Faculty and employees of the Roosevelt College System are granted tuition fee discount of  20%  if they enroll in an undergraduate program.
  2. Children and faculty of employees of the Roosevelt College System  are granted tuition fee discounts specified as follows:


One Parent Working in  RCS Both Parents Working in RCS
For the first child 70% 80%
For the second child 60% 70%
For the third child succeeding child/ children 50% 60%


Incentive Grants for Excellent Performance

 A discount privileges on tuition and miscellaneous fees may be awarded to a student not enjoying any scholarship if his/her weighted average grade (GPA) after a semester is as specified below:

GPA                       DISCOUNT

1.00 – 1.25           45%

1.26 – 1.50           35%

1.51-1.75                                                                  1.51 – 1.75           25%

Qualifications for Incentive Grants are available at the CTE Guidance Office.




 1.  All applicants must possess good moral character or without any reported violation of

the school rules and regulations.

2.  All freshmen applicant should have a high school average of 85 and he/she belongs to

a graduating class of not less than 100 students.

3.  A student applicant must have a minimum residency of one academic year or two

semesters except entrance scholars.

4.  All freshmen entrance scholars must carry a load of   units in the first and second

semester.  On the other hand, all 2nd and 3rd year applicants must carry a load

units at the time of application.  In both cases, the number of units carried by said

scholars and applicants excludes P.E. and C.W.T.S/NS.T.P.

5.  All second and third year level applicants must have a Grade Point Average (GPA) of

1.75 or higher and nor grade of 4.0 or INC. in final rating in any subjects during the

preceding year.

6.  All scholars must maintain a GPA of 2.00 and must not obtain a grade of 3.0 in any

major subject.

7.  All second and third year level applicants must have a Grade Point Average (GPA) of

1.75 or higher and no grade of 4.0  or INC. in final rating in any subjects during the

preceding semester.

8.  All students’ applicants may be recommended by any CTE faculty members.  The

applicants are then screened and final grantees are approved by the Dean.