Recording Studio




Master Audio-Computer Technician – Julius S. Cleofas



 Audio computer workstation Console/motherboard Alesis Studio 32 Alesis Multi track recorded


A fully equipped facility consisting of performance and production areas is furnished with state of the art audio recording and editing components that service the technological needs of the Roosevelt College System and its adjacent communities.

1 unit         console/motherboard Alesis Studio 32

1 unit         Audio computer work station

1 unit         Alesis Multi track recorder

2 pcs          Audio-Technica Tube condenser microphone AT 3060

6 pcs           HPS 5000 Behringer headphones

2 pcs           pop screen

1 unit         Alesis compressor

1 unit         Alesis reverb

1 pair         Alesis monitor speaker

1 unit         Philips DVD player

1 unit         Phanter voltage regulator

1 unit         Pioneer Cassette Desk (damaged)

1 2TB        external hard drive Western Digital

2 pcs          mic stand

1 unit         headphone junction box

1 lot           microphone cable

1 unit         LG External Litescribe CD/DVD burner


VOICE TALENTS for the SPEAK, LISTEN AND LEARN Teaching-Learning Materials









Directress Lourdes B. Quiogue                    Dr. Patricio B.Lazaro recording

 recording Speak, Listen and                        Speak, Listen and Learn

Learn lessons for Prep to                              Lessons for Grade 5 to 4th yr

Grade 4 academic levels                                academic levels

Faculty, RC Cainta Elementary











 RC Cainta Elementary Students Choir











Guidelines for the use of the ELTC Recording Studio:


I.  Roosevelt College constituents recording teaching materials, and official   

   communications like dissemination of policies, rules and regulations and 

    messages, etc. shall be free of charge.

II. Outsiders wanting to use the Recording Studio shall be charged the following:

    A. 1.  First hour or less                                               –  Php.  700.00

2.  One hour and 30 min. or less                           –  Php.1,050.00

3.  One hour and more than 30 min.                     –  Php.1,400.00

4.  In excess of the above, additional of 30 mins.

or less shall mean additional of Php 350.00


B. The School’s Master Audio-Computer Technician handling the work is entitled to a

10% honorarium of the total fee for the use of the Recording Studio.


  • Fees cover use of equipment by Master Audio-Computer Technician, irrespective of type of work required.
  • Job order is submitted to and approved by the ELTC Overall Head / Head of Operations.
  • Cancellation of scheduled job must be made by the client 24 hours before the confirmed date with a disturbance fee of Php. 350.00.
  • Materials for recording and voice talents are to be provided by the client.


For more information, please call:

Tel. (02) 6816210 local 221,   ELTC Office

and ask for Mr. Julius S. Cleofas


Or visit:

ELTC Office

Ground Floor SED Building,

Roosevelt College Cainta,

Sumulong HiWay, Cainta, Rizal