Student Council

“United we stand,Divided we fall”


John Kenneth Y. Asuncion  ,  Grade 10  student

A consistent honor student and worthy group leader. Known for fighting what is right even if it means that the group he is into will lose. Kenneth is probably the man  you would consult. Though he seems serious all the time , he is quite friendly to everyone. You can approach him when you want discuss plans , ideas and even stories.


Kristen Leigh Sinay , Grade 10 student

She is an honor student behind Kenneth. You can consult her when you need academic matter assistance and decision making. She applies her mathematical , scientifical and literary skills to produce solutions.


Alfia Kristelle Garcia  , Grade 9 student

She encourages people to be productive . She is a consistent honor student . She suggests ideas while noting other’s ideas.


Joselito Palcone , Grade 10 student

Joselito is as tall as he is trustworthy for being the guy entrusted with the school’s funds.Nobody messes with him!


 Ana Katrina Asuncion , Grade 8 student

Katrina is absolutely serious when it comes to works. She wants everything to be in perfect state. NO minor details were left when Katrina is in action.


Chrishamei Annejel , Grade 8 student

Her confidence and aura affects everyone around her. Also , she is friendly to anyone around the school. This makes her the voice of our school.

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