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RCI-Cainta SHS explores historic FEU Manila Campus

By Jennielyn Cayetano, RCSHS Faculty


Teachers and student leaders from RCI-Cainta Science High School (SHS) toured the FEU Manila Campus on September 15, 2016, with student members of FEU Guides. The group discovered that FEU was a place immersed in history, culture, and love for the arts. The University was awarded Honorable Mention in the 2008 UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation because of its art deco architecture (a genre of art emphasizing shape, symmetry, and subtlety) and its effort in preserving heritage sites and pieces.


“We liked the architecture of the buildings. Interesting!” said the students. They noted a particular building (the Administration building) which was fashioned after a ship that was said to represent a motif of the time it was designed and built. “We were also fascinated with the concept of “two places at one time” as FEU is situated in two places–Sampaloc and Quiapo,” they added. The teachers, on the other hand, expressed that “the FEU community exuded a professional and accommodating atmosphere.”


The library was also a common favorite as they found that it was not just “techie” and up to date but that it also housed some rare Filipiniana such as the Doctrina Christiana and various letters from prominent personalities. The group described it as “clean, rich in resources and very conducive for studying.” They were also showed a collection of preserved specimens.


The group also enjoyed the history of the Smiling Tamaraw Garden which could be viewed from the library located at the second floor, the friendship and love lanes with symbolic motifs embossed on benches, the study areas in the quadrangle, and the paintings and sculptures done by famous national artists such as Botong Francisco and Vicente Manansala, among others.


After the tour, the students expressed hope that in the future RCI will become as beautiful and as upgraded in terms of facilities and library materials which will give future RCI students the opportunity to excel in their chosen fields. The tour was definitely a glimpse of the future for RCI.


















RCI-Cainta Science High School teachers and student leaders (L-R): Mr. Miguel Yap, Jyro Fernandez, Kenneth Asuncion, Evan Malonzo, Kristen Sinay, Maxxine Loyola, Hazel Sagun, Ms. Joy Fetalvero, Mrs. Sandy Wyson, Ms. Jen Cayetano


friendship benchlovers bench


(L-R) Benches in the Friendship Lane have flower sculpture symbolizing friendship while benches in the ‘Lovers’ Lane’ have hearts embedded in them


our ladypews


Our Lady of Fatima Chapel


feet apartmemorial sculptures


(L) -“Two places at one time” FEU is situated both in Sampaloc and Quiapo. The line in the middle serves as the boundary between the two places. (R) – Memorial sculptures by Vicente Manansala portraying Dr. Nicanor Reyes Sr.’s thoughts on patriotism, freedom, justice, and education.
@ Evan Malonzo


Mga Nagwagi sa Patimpalak ng “Buwan Ng Wika 2016”

 by: Rubin,Ashley Katrine Sol

Mayroong  patimpalak at palaro ang buwan ng wika, ang mga patimpalak ay Sanaysay, Paggawa ng Poster, Slogan, Sabayang pagbigkas kung saan ang Grade 7 vs Grade 8 at Grade 9 vs Grade 10, Mimesis at “Spoken Words”. Sa dako naman ng mga palaro ay mayroong Siato, Sipa bola, Bato bola at “Amazing Race”. Nahahati ang mga estudyante sa  apat na grupo, mayroong red, blue, green, at yellow team na siyang nagtagisan ng husay sa paglalaro ng palarong pinoy.


Mga nagwagi sa :




  1. Asuncion, Ana Katrina Y.  Grade 8

  2. Selga, Dianne Angeline P. Grade 10

  3. Roses, Dianne Rose B. Grade 9

Paggawa ng Poster

  1. Osorio, Niña Khalil B. Grade 9

  2. Mapandi, Alyssa Alyanna G. Grade 9

  3. Madrid, Alessandra Jane A. Grade 9


  1. De Jesus, Danielle Eunice G. Grade 11

  2. Garcia, Alfia Kristelle L. Grade 9

  3. Asuncion, John Kenneth Y. Grade 10

Sabayang Pagbigkas


Grade 10 SB 3


Grade 10

Grade 8 SB 2

Grade 8


  1. Jesuitas, Gino Paolo C. Grade 11

  2. Tannagan, Franz Evoij C. Grade 11


Palarong Pinoy


Amazing Race

  1. Blue Team

  2. Green Team

  3. Red Team

  4. Yellow Team



  1. Blue Team

  2. Green Team

  3. Yellow Team

  4. Red Team


Sipa bola

  1. Green Team

  2. Red Team

  3. Blue Team

  4. Yellow Team

Bato bola

  1. Green Team

  2. Red Team

  3. Blue Team

  4. Yellow Team

Photos credited to: Lorraine Evan Malonzo, Grade 9

Juniors and Seniors Party at JS Promenade

By: Anton Rufino

A night of dancing and partying ensured last March 1 at Gabrielle’s Place in Marikina Heights as the Juniors and Seniors gathered for the RCSHS’ JS Promenade.

The program started with a processional followed by a speech from the school’s science teacher Ms. Adjale G. Wyson.

Afterwards, the Turnover Ceremony took place to signify the passing of responsibility from the Seniors to the Juniors.

The prom was not an entirely solemn affair though. Highlights of the night included the Cotillion and selected handsome men dancing to Psy’s hit Gentleman.

What everyone waited for though was the announcement of Prom King and Queen.

Jeremie Favor was crowned King while Mio Vistal was crowned Queen.

This was followed by a dance from the two. Brave men used this chance to ask one of the pretty ladies to dance with them.

“Asking a girl for a dance was nerve-wracking to say the least but it paid off and I had fun.” Said Anton Rufino, a senior.

Afterwards the title of Dancing King and Queen was awarded to Andrew Lazaro and Veronica Escalona.

In the end, everyone had fun and made new memories that they will never forget.

“We all had fun. Great times, great times” Gene Mark, a senior, said.

“Masarap ang foods. (The food was delicious.)” Mio Vistal, the prom queen, said.




The RCSHS Sci-Math Fair 2014
The RCSHS’ yearly Sci-Math Fair, having the theme “Students Today, Scientists Tomorrow”, opened on February 6, 2014 at exactly nine o’clock in the morning. The opening ceremony was witnessed by the guests Dr. Paz Diaz, Vice-President for Academics, Roosevelt College System, Ms. Lourdes Quiogue, RC Cainta Campus Directress, and Dean Lily de Guzman, Dean, Center for Teacher Education.










Science High  students once again showcased their Science Magic projects (Grade 7), Rube Goldberg machines (Grade 8), Research proposals (Third Year), and Research projects (Fourth Year). The primary guests were joined by judges Ms. Caridad Gicaraya, Physics Unit, Philippine Science High School, Diliman, and Ms. Bella Queaño, former Biology teacher, Ateneo de Manila High School.











Students from Moriah School of Baptist Church were the first visitors at 10 am. Accompanied by their adviser, the students went from room to room scrutinizing the exhibits.



Simultaneously, students from the Roosevelt College Cainta High School also arrived. They did it by year level, the Seniors being the last.










In the afternoon, four faculty members of Infant Jesus Academy, Marikina also paid a visit as the second judge examined the preparations made by the presenters.
“I felt a bit nervous. I remembered the time when we joined in a competition in Laguna (ASEP). I believed that the experience of attending the competition before somewhat helped me not to be very nervous. I just did the best that I could do. I was thankful to the judges for pointing out the mistakes in our research project that would make it better than before. Actually, kinabahan ako sa lahat,” Anna Lee Valenzuela, a Fourth Year Student, said.

The next day, selected students of San Roque National High School came at about nine o’clock in the morning.













Three classes of grade 3 pupils from nearby Balanti Elementary School were jovially entertained by their Ate’s and Kuya’s as some ask about strange terms and scientific concepts used in different projects and proposals. Their enthusiasm and interest has also been very evident as they take down notes and things-to-remember.






Final judging of the Science Magic projects, Goldberg machines, and Research projects, as well as of the research proposals was conducted by Mr. Efren Paz, Chemistry teacher, Philippine Science High School, Diliman and RCSHS’s principal, Prof. Luzita Alcid.

Closing at four o’clock in the afternoon of February 7, the whole event was concluded as a successful one by the judges, parents, and visitors who spent their time witnessing the Science High students present and make use not only of their scientific prowess but also of their skills in communicating their ideas and insights.

List of Sci-Math Fair 2014 Winners:
Best Projects

Science Magic (Grade 7)
1st place – Jerome M. Javier, Get the Point
2nd place – John Kenneth Y. Asuncion, Paper Bridge is NOT Falling Down
3rd place – James Ariel Pedroza, Now You See Me, Now You Don’t

Rube Goldberg Machine (Grade 8)
1st place – Alliah Krizzle L. Garcia and Kin Rowen Dulay, Journey to School
2nd place – Franz Eivoj Tannagan, Fiery Heist
3rd place – Richelle Macy Magabilin and Arjan M. Trinidad, Journey to the Forbidden Cove

Third Year
1st place – Patricia Anne Y. Asuncion, “The Use of Phosphoric Clay as a Natural Flocculant Algaecide in Controlling Harmful Algal Blooms”
1st place – Andrei Armani A. Adame, Water hyacinth (eichhornia crassipes): Substrate for Plant Microbial Cells
2nd place – Jon Gabriel P. Villanueva,
3rd place – Ram Oliver B. Mauro,

Fourth Year
1st place – Romeo Paolo D. Esquillo, Veronica B. Escalona, and Patricia Marie G. Tengco
“Harnessing Electricity from Chicken Manure Using Microbial Fuel Cell”
2nd place – Anna Lee Q. Valenzuela and Kim Daleen C. Diamante
“Absorption of Hexavalent Chromium in Water Using Fish Bones of Milkfish”
3rd place – Abner John H. Hinanay, Christian Joshua A. Lacerna, and Andrew C. Lazaro
“Absorption of Copper Ions in an Aqueous Solution Using Snake Plant with Activated Carbon”

RCSHS Celebrates English Week 2013

Roosevelt College Science High School celebrated its annual English Week on December 17 and 18, 2013 with the theme “English for Cultural Awareness and Social Change”.

In line with the celebration, various contests were prepared by the English Club such as Essay Writing and Poetry Writing Contests, Declamation and Extemporaneous Speaking Contest, Spelling Bee, and the highlight of the celebration, the annual RCSHS Play Festival.

On the first day of the celebration, contests schedule were Essay and Poetry Writing were held in the morning of the celebration. Two students from each year level put their spelling and vocabulary skills to the test with the Spelling Bee. Selected students also placed their thinking caps on as they cleverly answered Socio-Cultural issues in the Extemporaneous Speaking Contest. Students were amused with their fellow schoolmates who showcased different acts, as they relived the piece “Am I to be Blamed” during the Declamation Contest. It was the first time to have a Declamation contest during the English Week.


The following are the winners of the various contests:
Poetry Writing
1st place: Veronica Escalona (Fourth year)
2nd place: Sean Vranden Paraiso (Grade 8)
3rdplace: Ralph Vincent Santos (Third year)

Essay Writing
1st place: Ethan Nicolei Keithley Balod (Fourth year)
2nd place: Sharmaine Nabong (Third year)
3rd place: Raessiana Mil Esteves (Third year)

Spelling Bee:
Champion: Jerome Javier (Grade 7)
1st runner up: Franz Eivoj Tannagan (Grade 8)
2nd runner up: Veronica Escalona (Fourth year)
3rd runner up: Arian Abalos (Grade 7)

1st place: Veronica Escalona (Fourth year)
2nd place: Rose Marie Afable (Grade 7)

Extemporaneous Speaking
1st place: Jon Gabriel Villanueva (Third year)
2nd place: Andrew Lazaro (Fourth year)
3rd place: John Kenneth Asuncion (Grade 7)

A month’s worth of preparation paid off for the students as each class performed their stage plays during the RCSHS Play Festival on December 18, 2013 at the Audio Visual Room.
Grade 8 was particularly successful as they were crowned champion for their play “The Soul of the Great Bell” and the Seniors’ interpretation on Edgar Allan Poe’s short story “The Cask of Amontillado” landed first runner up. The other plays shown were “The Gift of the Magi”, performed by the Juniors and “The Happiest Boy in the World”, performed by the Grade 7 class.
The following special awards were also given to students who did exemplary performance during the Playfest:
Best Actor: Romeo Paolo Esquillo (Fourth year)
Best Actress: Richelle Macy Magabilin (Grade 8)
Best Supporting Actor: Kin Rowen Dulay (Grade 8)
Best Supporting Actress: Denise Joyce Reyes (Grade 8)
Best Stage Design: Grade 8 “The Soul of the Great Bell”
Most Entertaining: James Ariel Pedroza (Grade 7)

By: Patricia Tengco and Manuel Antonio Rufino

Christmas Party 2013

Last December 19, 2013, RCSHS’s Christmas party was held in the Roosevelt College Bahay ng Alumni at Roosevelt College Cainta campus. The program started at 8:00 am where students were grouped by homerooms. Following the opening ceremonies were four non-traditional games.

Game 1: Pass the message

Grade 7 students were divided into two groups. Each group member needed to pass the message or word by acting it out to the next player until it gets to the last player of the team. The last player of the team at the end of the line should tell the message, a word associated with the given clue beforehand, to the game master. The first team to tell the correct message to the game master wins a point. The first team to reach five points is declared the winner.

scixmas1 scixmas2 scixmas3 scixmas4

Game 2: Pass the ball

This was a game between the girls of grade 8 and the girls of the third year. The first group member is supposed to throw the pingpong ball to the second group member who has a cup atop her head. The ball should first bounce ounce on the ground before getting into the cup placed on the head of the second group member. The second group member should throw the ball same as how the first one did to the next player. It goes on until the ball gets to the last player of the team. The first team to finish wins. The grade 8, having tactically finished the task, won.

scixmas5 scixmas6


Game 3: Eat the cookie

This was a game between the boys of grade 8 and the boys of third year. The first group member should eat the cookie as fast as he could. The cookie is placed on the forehead of the player. Without using his hands, he should move, drop, and eat the cookie from its original location. After the first group member finishes eating the cookie, he should tap the next player. The next player should eat the cookie just like how the player before him did. The first team to finish wins. The third year students won.

















Game 4: Move the group

Fourth year students were split into two groups. The group members should move to the finish line by stepping on paper plates. Body parts should touch the paper plates only. Each team can use only three paper plates. So, when three paper plates are moved to the finish line, a group member should return the paper plates to the starting line so that his other groupmates can move to the finish line. The first team whose members could go to the finish line wins.

scixmas9 scixmas10

Raffle prizes

Aside from the games, this was something all students have been waiting for: raffle prizes. Students’ name, including that of the faculty members, were drawn before every game as our Principal, Prof. Luzita Alcid, simultaneously announced what were at stake. Prizes are given by teachers and suppliers yearly. Unlike any other raffle draws, here in RCSHS, all students get to receive special prizes which include the much-awaited five hundred pesos. Just like last year and more previous years, all were eagerly vying and wishing to receive the cash prize, making this segment more thrilling each time names for this prize were drawn. Ten five hundred pesos were distributed. Christmas gift packages were also given away.

scixmas11 scixmass12

Distribution of Gifts from Ms. Luzita Alcid
What closed the program was something special: another gift from our Principal. She has already given a hand sanitizer and a bottle of perfume to everyone years back, so what comes next? It was something that appeared to be edible at first, a cake slice/doughnut, yummy! But it was a decorative magnet at closer look. With it came hard work and patience because she had to assemble the individual casing of each gift.

scixmas13 scixmas14 scixmas15 scixmas16

Christmas Message
Our principal gave her message using the first five letters of Christmas:
C is to CELEBRATE. Everyone is in a celebratory mode every Christmas.
H is for HOPE. Your dream gadgets, books, shoes, apparel are usually given during Christmas.
R is RECONCILE. Because we are imperfect, our relationships are not smooth sailing. So it’s time to say “Sorry” to our loved ones.
I is to INSPIRE. Inspire others to good to the environment as we celebrate this season especially on New Year’s Eve.
S is to SEARCH. Life is a journey. Keep searching for your talents, strengths.
T is for TREASURE. Treasure the love of our Creator, family, friends.


Congratulations to the four RCSHS seniors who passed the UPCAT for School Year 2014-2015. They are as follows:

1. Escalona, Veronica B.
2. Esquillo, Romeo Paolo D.
3. Rufino, Manuel Antonio P.
4. Valenzuela, Anna Lee Q.

The UPCAT results for school year 2014-2015 were posted at the website of the University of the Philippines earlier than expected, surprising many UPCAT takers. The results were posted on December 23, 2013. For the past years, results were posted between end-January and early February. This year’s early posting surprised many UPCAT examinees.

By: Ms. Anna  Lee Q. Valenzuela IV-RCSHS

Educational Outbound Trip: Cottage Industries in Paete, Laguna


Recent News


By: Ms. Lee Valenzuela IV-RCSHS

The juniors and seniors of Roosevelt College Science High School went to different places in Laguna for their Lakbay Kalikasan Outbound Education Program last December 9, 2013.
An Educational Outbound Trip is not just a simple high school field trip. This activity teaches focuses on different curricular subjects. This outbound trip anchors on the colonial Philippine history and Laguna’s cottage industries. It makes students experience the beauty of nature and lets students look at the country’s colonial past.
There are wonderful nature sites, and industries, as well as significant historical places visited by the students. In every place, there were teachings shared by the outbound educators from Lakbay Kalikasan.
Paete, Laguna is known for their world-class skills in woodcarving, which was recognized since the Spanish colonialism in the Philippines. They usually make sculptures of patron saints and other religious materials.
Today, they are also do carvings on ice, fruits, and vegetables. Paper mache is also known in this place.
Below is the collection of photos for the outbound where the cottage industries in Paete, Laguna was emphasized in the lectures.

rcshs tour pic 1

by By: Ms. Anna  Lee Q. Valenzuela IV-RCSHS


RCSH Celebrates World Teachers day with a theme “My Teacher, My Hero”

Roosevelt College Science High school celebrates World Teachers day with a theme “My Teacher, My Hero” Students from Grade 7 to IV year competed on a Poetry and Essay writing contests. Below are the list winners.


1st place       Alliah L. Garcia         View/Download

2nd place      ColleneU.  Aquino    View/Download

3rd place       Crisel C. Cajayon    View/Download

Kenneth Y.  Asuncion                  View/Download


1st Place    PatriciaB.  Asuncion    View/Download

2nd place   Jerome M. Javier        View/Download

3rd place   Veronica Y. Escalona   View/Download




The Roosevelt College Science High School celebrates BUWAN NG WIKA in August of every School Year.

This year, on September 5, the Science High School students performed lyrical pieces from “Sabayang Bigkas”.

Grade 7 and Grade 8 competed with each other as they performed Katapusang Hibik ng Pilipinas by Andres Bonifacio,

while Third year and Fourth year competed by performing Pilipino: Saan Patutungo by Al Q. Perez.

Mr. Jojo Raba, Filipino teacher, supervised the whole program.

The Third year won the Sabayang Bigkas category B while the Grade 8 won the category A.

By: Patricia Marie G. Tengco



Schedule: August 16, 17, & 18

Gantimpala Theater opens its thirty-sixth (36) seasonhttp://rooseveltcollege.edu.ph/programs/rcshs/ with Francisco Balagtas’ “Florante at Laura”, the Filipino literary masterpiece considered by many as poetic art that examines the nature of justice, truth and commitment to fairness, made into a theater production  by award-winning and respected playwright Bonifacio Ilagan, with director Roeder Camañag presenting it as akomedya,

Director Camañag says, “Boni Ilagan’s script highlights on the many facets of love – from the purest to the most damaged. He understood the words of Balagtas so well thus we see on stage Florante’s encounters with love – love for knowledge, parental love, brotherly love he shares with best friend Menandro. Laura, his belove , and love for Albania.”

By: Lee Valenzuela


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