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The CTE Library supports the teaching, research and service functions of the Center by

providing access to recorded knowledge through its collections, services and cooperative

programs. Professional librarians and skilled staff are available to assist faculty and

students in their study and research (6)six days/week.


Computer Service

The Computer Service Unit is responsible for providing technical and operational assistance

to all computing interests on campus.

Science Laboratory


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The science laboratory has equipment necessary to train students in Biology, Physics

and Earth Science. The laboratory is also for the use of students and teachers involved

in the development and planning of materials, experiments in the classroom and

preparation of equipment for elementary science and secondary courses. It also a place

where students and teachers prepare and improvise science-teaching materials.


Audio Visual Room (AVR)


The Audio Visual Room has the necessary equipment, from video systems to overhead

projectors, for instructional use. In addition, the AVR is also used for media screening and

conferences for groups of up to 50 persons.


Language Study Center


An instructional facility that is considered a social laboratory of the third major area of the

CTE Development Plan– the Language Study Center. The country faces some major

perennial issues that need practical solutions. One of them is to discover an effective

mix in relation to the three languages used in schools: the vernacular, the national languages

and English. Another is to develop a variety of spoken English which should be easily intelligible

to the speakers of the different regions of the country and useful in international conferences.

And then there is the need to strengthen the teaching of English for effective instruction.

The improvement of reading abilities of the students is another aspect of the language situation for

the classroom. All these are the major concerns of the Language Study Center.