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“Language is for Communication; it requires life-long learning to be 

mastered in its totality by developing skills in listening-observing, 

speaking, writing and reading, for effective transaction of 


Communicating effectively in an international language like English is undoubtedly one of the nation’s assets as the 21st century experiences heightened international partnerships and, most specially, a sharing of human resources.

The Philippines never ceases to pride itself as the world’s third largest English-speaking nation.  But how well does the 21st century Filipino function in English?  TVs and computers are powerful learning aids, especially when coupled with functional literacy and a love for learning and reading.  But can Filipinos who graduate from basic education and undergraduate collegiate programs really understand and communicate effectively in formal, informal and non-formal learning situations where English dominates?


 RCS President Romeo P. dela Paz challenged his team of educators to set up the English Language Training Center towards delivery of quality education by improving the students in their English language proficiency through the use of a series of teaching-learning materials.

The ELTC was established in 2000 to administer the SPEAK LISTEN and LEARN Training Program conceived and developed by RCS Graduate School of Education students for the English 216 course: Speech and Writing Workshop. The students, mostly faculty of the RC System, wrote and voiced 20 lessons for a Teacher’s Manual and the corresponding lessons for a Student’s Sourcebook for each of the elementary and high school academic levels. These teaching-learning materials are envisioned to aid in developing student proficiency in Spoken American English.