FEU Roosevelt holds 2019 Commencement Exercises for tertiary graduates


FEU Roosevelt College recently held its 54th Commencement Exercises to mark the completion of academic requirements for its tertiary graduates. The class of 2019 is comprised of graduates from its Education, Business Management, IT and Hotel and Restaurant Management departments.

In his commencement address before the graduates, Far Eastern University Chief Finance Officer and Roosevelt College Board of Trustee Juan Miguel Montinola spoke about three key principles that contribute to building a successful and strong career: first, find a mentor who can advance your learning of technical skills; second, build a network of connections; third, go out of your comfort zone by being open to new and bigger responsibilities.

He also celebrated teachers who tirelessly mentor students on a full-time basis. He emphasized the role of teachers in ensuring that students are fully prepared and equipped with the right skills to start their career when they come out of school, regardless of their acumen level when they got in.

FEU Roosevelt College has grown into a respected institution for higher learning in Education. It started offering Education courses in 1990 when it opened its Center for Teacher Education. The Center was set up to address the deteriorating quality of Philippine education observed by then President and Chairman Romeo Dela Paz at the time.

Since then, FEU Roosevelt College has expanded its Education course offerings to become the tertiary institution in the Region with the most number of specializations. “As educators ourselves, we know how important it is to provide teachers with opportunities to pursue post-graduate education that is aligned with their specialization. Not only is this a requirement for career advancement and promotion, it also helps ensure that teachers are well equipped to teach the subject assigned to them,” said Dr. Alma Emerita V. Dela Cruz, Senior Vice President of FEU Roosevelt.

At present, FEU Roosevelt College is building on its long history as a center for excellence in Education training by infusing this with FEU’s future-ready education. “We are, first and foremost, advocates of quality education, especially in the public school system. We are in the constant process of innovating and revolutionizing teacher education with global best practices and our international linkages. We want to make sure that every teacher that FEU Roosevelt College produces–especially those that are in or will join the public school system–will raise the bar of teaching in the Philippines,” De La Cruz added.