GUIDANCE OFFICE – Mrs. Maria Simonette C. Zamodio, Clerk of Guidance Office, prepares the schedule of activities for the school year.

  1. Career counseling for 3rd year students
  2. Preparation for the NAT/RSAT Pre-Test and Post-Test
  3. Administration of the Board of Trustees Scholarship Grants for incoming 1st year from private and public  elementary schools
  4. Administration of the SETP/STR for 2nd semester
  5. Recording and interpretation of SETP/STR results and submission to Central Office
  6. Screening/accepting applicants for all levels/transferees
  7. Assisting new students for scholarship application
  8. Preparation/submission of year-end Reports
  9. Assisting graduating students for college requirements
  10. Continue marketing efforts and recruiting incoming enrollees
  11. Continute assisting students for discounts & scholarships
  12. Preparation of action plans for all guidance activities for next school year.


PROPERTY AND SUPPLY OFFICE – The Property Custodian, Mr. Teodorico R. Asuncion Jr., and property clerks Mr. Rommel A. Vega and Mr. Raymund B. De Guzman and Computer Technician, Mr. Jaypee A. Sumalinog, together with the maintenance staff, keep the property office organized and in proper order. They arrange office furnishings and school equipment to provide adequate preparations for meetings, classroom activities, and special events. They maintain supplies and equipment needed to ensure the availability of items required to properly stock facilities. The maintenance staff and clerks repair furniture and equipment as required to ensure that items are available and in good working condition. The maintenance staff secures facilities and grounds to minimize property damage, equipment loss, and potential liability to the school. The clerks assist other personnel to support them in the completion of their work activities.


FINANCE OFFICE – The Finance Officer, Mrs. Imelda E. Cruz, and staff Mr. Elvin Limuel M. Santos maintain a harmonious relationship among School Heads, Office Heads, and staff as well with the clients and the community. As a general function, the office is in charge of collection and disbursement of funds for the Unit. The Finance Office complies with all the requirements, procedures, and policies of the school. The finance personnel also provide support to school administration, personnel, and faculty members and assist them in all their needs to achieve the school’s objectives. Financial reports and the required monthly outputs are always accomplished on time.


LABORATORIES – Mrs. Rosana D. Alarilla, the chairperson on the committee on Laboratories during the PAASCU accreditation has started working on the 5-year Development Program for the Laboratories. Accomplishments of the Laboratories include the following:

  1. Minor repairs were done in the laboratories
  2. Separate storage for the toxic chemicals was constructed and installed
  3. A shower room was constructed inside the science laboratory
  4. Science teachers attended a seminar on laboratory strategies.
  5. Upgrading is continuously done in all laboratories
  6. Internet access was made available in computer laboratory 2 and 3
  7. Regular repair and maintenance of the speech laboratory was undertaken