ELTC goes by the philosophy that language is communication and as such has to be taught in its totality, by developing skills in listening, observing, speaking, reading, and writing for effective transaction of messages. The center also believes that language learning is life-long learning and therefore one cannot hope to master language unless one uses it actively in one’s everyday transactions. Therefore, ELTC believes in constant, correct application of the communication skills in the classroom, with the learning translated into continued use outside, in actual communication situations.


LIBRARY– The Librarian, Mrs. Corazon T. Ignacio, and staff Mr. Vincent Q. Aruta Jr., perform the following library functions:

  1. Library orientation for faculty and students
  2. Library instruction for all year levels throughout the school year
  3. Selection and acquisition of print and digital materials
  4. Cataloguing, weeding, and indexing of library collection
  5. Supervision of Internet services
  6. Reader’s  Services
  7. Reference Service / Research Services
  8. Junior Librarian Club Activities