Proposed guidelines for Club Moderators and its Members for the

SY 2013-2014


For Moderators:

  1. All Club Moderators must be a subject teacher / expert in relation to the club they are handling.
  1. Club Moderator must submit the following requirements for proper documentation of club files for the whole school year.
    1. Objectives, Mission and Vision of the Club
    2. Club Moderator(s) Personal Data Sheet
    3. Clubs Constitution and by Laws (must be updated)
    4. Action Plan for SY 2014-2015
    5. List of Club Officers and Members (Name, Year & Section with Signature)
    6. Minutes of the Meeting (paragraph style)
    7. Club Attendance (Every Meeting)
    8. Pictures and Other Documents
    9. Outreached Program Pictures and Minutes (if any)
    10. Year-End Report
    11. Accomplished Club Evaluation Sheet
    12. Year-End One-On-One interview of Club officers
  1. Club Moderator must check and monitor the attendance of club members during club activity and submit the day’s accomplishment report to the Director’s office through the counselors.

For Students:

  1. All High School students is required to officially register to one (1) club organization they are intended. There should be no duplication of membership so as to maximize the time for all activities undertaken for the school year.
  1. Students should signify their intention to be an active member of the club by filing the club application form to the moderator.
  1. Members must attend the scheduled club meeting during first Friday of the month at the designated room assignment. Failure to attend the club meeting should secure an excuse letter from their parents for their absence and to be approved by the club moderator.

A member who is absent for 3 consecutive meetings will be invited for clarification and explanation by the Committee on Discipline of the school.

  1. Members should strictly comply with the club rules and regulations.


  • Should participate and cooperate in all club activities
  • Help in promoting a harmonious relationship among members
  • Be on time
  • No club hopping
  • No eating during club meeting
  • Should not loiter or visit the other clubs
  • Garbage care before leaving the place
  • No shouting so as not to disturb other club activities





Club Moderators Mrs. Concepcion C. Natividad – School NurseMrs. Ana Mae P. Flores – School Nurse
Room /VenueAssignment Room 115
Club Mission and Vision The Alisakit Club is a health conscious organization that aims to develop and maintain the physical wellness of its members. It helps to avert chronic illnesses later in life. The moderator of this club is Mrs. Concepcion Natividad & Mrs. Ana Mae Flores who has enough knowledge in making the club members be exposed in community services. The ALISAKIT CLUB is coordinating with the RED Cross Council. The Club believes youth have the potential to make a difference in huge ways. In our eyes, they are a vital resource bringing energy, innovation and inspiration to the school and community. 


Club Moderator Ms. Dorothy Anne A. Dalusong – Faculty
Room /VenueAssignment Function Hall – Right Side
Club Mission and Vision The Badminton Club promotes the club members participation in badminton sports. Club members will participate in the program to enhance and promotes the element of good sportsmanship, the development of skills, the well-being derived from physical activity, and the social aspects which the sport has to offer. 


Club Moderator Mr. Daniel J. Belardo – Faculty
Room /VenueAssignment Room 305
Club Mission and Vision The Basketball Club pro­vides inclu­sive bas­ket­ball programs that are fun, safe, and challenging for boys and girls in the school community. This club focuses on developing basketball fundamentals, sports­man­ship, and (physical) fitness. 



Name of Club CHURS CLUB (Confident, Happy & Unique Roosevelt Students)
Club Moderator Mrs. Gina S. Vicente – Faculty
Room /VenueAssignment Room 215
Club Mission and Vision The CHURS Club (confident, happy & Unique Roosevelt Students) aims to develop students’ self-confidence, self esteem and interpersonal relationship through different activities done inside and outside the classroom. The moderator of this club is Mrs. Gina S. Vicente, a qualified mentor to provide students with meaningful learning experience for their total development.