Elementary Education Department

In the 1970s, when Roosevelt Memorial High School, then located on Aurora Boulevard in Cubao, relocated to its present site at 10th Avenue, Cubao, Quezon City, the neighboring community clamored for the opening of the elementary school level for their children.  In response, the doors of the Elementary Education Department of Roosevelt College Cubao opened for the first time for sixteen pupils, with Mrs. Purification De Guzman as the teacher-in-charge.  After a year, she was replaced by Miss Gracia B. Rayala, who became the head teacher and was in-charge of 104 pupils and 3 teachers. Mrs. Cecilia Q. Molina, the Directress of the Secondary Level Department at that time, gave her full support and guidance to the Elementary Education Department.

The subsequent rise in the population both in the teaching staff (28) and pupils (1,557) could be attributed to the very good interpersonal relationship among teachers, parents and administrators. The school grounds and other facilities were continuously improved through the joint efforts of the school administrators and the Parents-Teachers Association.

Today, Roosevelt College Cubao Elementary School Department is headed by Mrs. Clarita S. Zantua, who is also the Directress of the Secondary Education Department of the unit.

Secondary Education Department

The Roosevelt Memorial High School of Cubao, Quezon City, is the third of the five units of the Roosevelt College System to be founded only two years after the mother school, Roosevelt Memorial High School San Roque, was born.

 From 1947 till the present, Roosevelt Cubao had a colorful and meaningful tradition of offering quality education to its students. There were several transfers and school buildings in which instruction took place, from the Ordnance Center of the then Philippine Army where the Quirino Labor Hospital is now located to a new building in 1950 in the heart of what is now known as the Araneta Center. The school was then transferred to another site along 10th Avenue, also in the Cubao area, the site where Roosevelt Cubao Unit now stands. From 1970 to the present, the school has seen able leadership, administrators and mentors who spearheaded the improvement of student’s reading comprehension and led the teachers to produce quality instruction.

 In 1996, the school aimed to continuously realize the vision to produce graduates who are equipped with skills and knowledge required of students.  Equipment such as computer units, laboratory equipment and gadgets were upgraded and purchased. The management team instituted academic programs in the three tool subjects namely; English, Mathematics and Science. Computer Aided Instruction in the three tool subjects was conducted to enhance classroom teaching. Computer Based Teaching was offered in Mathematics I and II. Cleanliness, orderliness, discipline, and environmental concerns were attended to as the school achieved its objectives with the full support of the management team and other school constituents.

 Great improvements in the Science and Technology Laboratory were seen as students were given internet access in the library and additional library holdings were procured to help students in the accomplishment of their research (a major requirement to all graduating students). The school moved a step higher when it opened its English Language Training Center (Speech Laboratory), which is of prime significance in the development and in the enhancement of the student’s communication skills both written and oral. Subscription to cable T.V. was envisioned so that students could access channels like Discovery Channel and National Geographics.

 In Addition to the required in the RBEC (Restructured Basic Education Curriculum), Roosevelt College enriched the curriculum through the RCSEC (Roosevelt College Secondary Education Curriculum) by adding four subjects: Speech and Grammar, Journalism, Trigonometry and Calculus. SY 2008-2009 saw the addition of Physics as a subject in the 3rd year, even as the science subjects have integrated investigatory projects in the syllabi.

 Roosevelt College Cubao, through the years, has become a relevant, responsive, dynamic institution serving the community with renewed dedication and commitment to live up to the school’s mission and vision. Together, Roosevelt College System Board of Trustees and the school administration, teaching and non-teaching personnel continue to answer the needs and demands of the community and its environment.

 Mrs. Clarita S. Zantua is the current School Head and Administrative Supervisor of Roosevelt College Cubao Elementary Education and Secondary Education Departments.