The effective and efficient implementation of enrolment policies of RCS, DepEd, and other government offices is the main duty of the school Registrar and all the personnel in the Registrar’s Office. Among the other responsibilities of this office are the following:

  1. Control and safekeeping of students’ records
  2. Issuance of certificates, diplomas, transcript of records, etc
  3. Evaluation of students’ records
  4. Preparation and accomplishment of forms for submission to different offices
  5. Serving as liaison officer to CHED, Dep Ed, TESDA etc
  6. Distribution of incoming mail to students
  7. Assisting parents, teachers and administrators as needed


The Library is an environment for learning and independent research, which is best done in peace and quiet. As a necessary extension of the classroom and the laboratory, the library is a place where students can explore topics of interest and satisfy their hunger for more knowledge.

It is open from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday to Friday, without noon break. Library guidelines include the following:

  1. Students are encouraged to make use of the School Library properly.
  2. Every student must present his/her/ ID at the Library entrance. The students must leave their belongings at the counter.
  3. Borrowed materials must be returned at the proper time and designated place.
  4. Any student caught mutilating or destroying pages of books, magazines, etc. will be required to replace the materials or pay the corresponding amount in cash or shall be penalized with an administrative sanction at the discretion of the school head.
  5.  Users must strictly follow the library rules and regulations.
  6. Any pupil who mutilates or destroys pages of books, magazines, etc., will be required to replace the materials or pay the corresponding amount with an administrative sanction at the discretion of the school head.

The Library can best serve students when they use their own I.D. and when return borrowed books promptly.

Computers in the Library are Internet-ready. These are used for research work. It is forbidden, under pain of removal of library privileges, to open inappropriate sites. The computers cannot be used for private purposes such as sending of e-mail.



Among the services rendered by the Finance Office are the following:

  • The release of personnel’s salaries
  • Assistance to teachers and employees in complying with requirements of SSS, PHILHEALTH and other relevant private and government offices
  • Assessment of students’ tuition and other school fees
  • Collection of students’ tuition and other fees



Among the services rendered by the Property Office are the following:

  • Prompt attention and purchase of equipment and supplies
  • Maintenance of adequate materials and supplies
  • Regular cleaning and repair of school equipment
  • Repair and replacement of light bulbs
  • Upgrading of computers
  • Regular check up of waterlines and PVC pipes
  • Replacement of damaged classroom chairs
  • Regular check up and maintenance of the English Language Training Laboratory
  • Issuing athletic equipment and supplies to students



Among the services rendered by the Property Office are the following:

  • ADMISSION AND RECRUITMENT – Most of the students in RC San Mateo are graduates of nearby public schools. To facilitate the recruitment process, the Guidance Counsellor and selected students go to these public schools to orient the graduating public school students about RC San Mateo’s programs and services extended to new recruits. Brochures are given to the students. The orientation is followed by the administration of the entrance examination.
  • INDIVIDUAL INVENTORY – All students accomplish the Personal Information Sheet where vital information is recorded. Individual interviews are then conducted to clarify the students’ personality traits, capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses.
  • COUNSELING SERVICES – Counselling is the very heart of RC San Mateo’s Guidance Services. Individual and group counselling is conducted regularly for all students. Students with individual problems are given special attention.
  • TESTING SERVICES – Based on the results of tests, surveys, and inventories administered by the GCO, the students are able to improve and enhance their personal and academic growth. Results are communicated to parents for further explanations and guidance.
  • VOCATIONAL AND CAREER LEARNING – The GCO conducts a room to room career survey among senior students. The results are the basis for the selection of speakers during the career talks for seniors.
  • EVALUATION – The GCO also conducts an evaluation of the whole student population for the following data:
    • Summary of failures by year level and subject area
    • Overall performance of all pupils in the tool subjects based on the entrance test
    • Teacher’s performance
    • Student-Teacher relationship
    • PLACEMENT AND FOLLOW UP – The Guidance Counsellor follows up on back loaders. Students with deficiencies are called in to determine the reasons for failures. They are assisted through counselling so they can copy with problems encountered in the school and at home.