RCI Rodriguez HS gathers parents of the millennials for a seminar

By: Trisha Mae M. Salen

The best thing that parents could give their children is their precious time. Nowadays, parents somehow neglect giving the much needed time to their children. Most of them focus their attention in office and business work. This oftentimes results  in conflict between a parent and a child. This issue was the focus of the Grades 7 and 8 Parents’ Seminar on September 24, 2016 at the RCI Rodriguez Audio-Visual Room.

With the theme, “Parenting the Millennials,” the activity aimed to develop and foster smooth relationship between parents and their children.  The resource speakers were Bro. Gregorio Cayetano, the BEC Coordinator and Servant Leader in Most Holy Rosary Parish, and   Vice President of RCI Rodriguez Alumni Association, Maria Theresa Pacatang. Both speakers shared their knowledge and wisdom on parenting to help parents guide their millennial children. They also gave advice on how parents and children could understand each other during different times. A big majority of the Grades 7 and 8 parents  participated in the activity.  Academic supervisor Leonila Santos welcomed the parents and RCI Rodriguez campus head Carmencita Alcantara extended gratitude to the parents and encouraged them to take to heart the resource persons’ sharing.



RCI Rodriguez Grades 7 and 8 parents listen to the message of the resource person on parenting the millennials.

For Grades 9, 10, and 11 parents’ seminar, the theme was “Parenting 21st Century Generation Children: Its Challenges and Solutions.” The objective was to impart theoretical, practical, and statistically-based information regarding 21st-century children and parents. The resource speaker, Region IV-A CHED Supervisor II Renifer Francisco, was the parent of a Grade 10 student. She is also a lecturer/trainer and the focal person of Gender and Development (GAD). The speaker discussed the A to Z of good parenting, described the Net Generation and its characteristics, and advised her fellow parents on how to deal with the challenges of parenting millennial children.

The activities were organized by the Office of the Guidance Counselor.




RCI Rodriguez HS celebrates “Buwan ng Wika 2016”

By: Vienn Nicole DC. Ocampo

Love for the country, its language, culture, and tradition, reflects one’s patriotism and nationalism. Rooseveltians find a very special way to express their love for the country and the Filipino language by showing their talents and skills during the “Buwan ng Wika” celebration on August 26, 2016.

With the theme “Filipino: Wika ng Karunungan,” students brought out their creativity through the Slogan and Poster Making Contest.  Others showed their wit through short stories or the E-kwento at the Genyo Laboratory Room. On September 1, the most anticipated part of the celebration, the “Itug-tog mo, Isasayaw ko” and “Tunog Tao” took place. Through music and their grooves, students expressed what their hearts wanted which amazed the audience. The celebration culminated with the awarding ceremony in the school AVR where the victors were awarded with certificates and tokens by RCI Rodriguez Campus Head, Carmencita V. Alcantara.


Buwan ng Wika contests’ winners with RCI campus head Carmencita Alcantara (3rd from left)

Here are the winners in the different categories:

Slogan Making Contest

1st Place: Janina Marie J. Cabreros- 10 Rizal

2nd Place: Christia Erica P. Abinoja – 10-Rizal

3rd Place: Angelica C. Carag- 10-Rizal

Poster Making Contest

1st Place: Gaille Lorrainne Yuki S. Monares- 10-Rizal

2nd Place: Trisha Mae Salen- 10-Rizal

3rd Place: Jennah Mae E. Ganalon- 10-Rizal

E-Kwento Contest

1st Place: Chanelle A. Pangilinan- 9-Makiling

2nd Place: Vienn Nicole DC. Ocampo- 10-Rizal

3rd Place: Ayalyn P. Chiquillo – 9-Makiling

Itug-tog mo, Isasayaw ko







Tunog Tao

3rd Place: HUMSSTEM

tunog-tao-3rd-1 tunog-tao-3rd-2

2nd Place: WAG KAMI

tunog-tao-2nd1 tunog-tao-2nd


tunog-tao-champ1 tunog-tao-champ