School Name, Seal, Song, Mascot

The school seal features a teacher and a student against a yellow-gold background. Above them is a burning lamp with a red flame emitting seven rays of light. A white ribbon bearing the inscriptions: SCIENCE, INDUSTRY, PROGRESS surround the central figures, with the date of founding, 1933 at the base of the teacher’s blue skirt. A circle, also in yellow gold, surrounds the composition. Another bigger conccollege_sealentric circle creates a space where the name of the school ROOSEVELT COLLEGE and the corporate address CITY OF MARIKINA,  is inscribed.

The green color symbolizes life, youth, growth, freshness, environment and ecology; while yellow-gold stands for warmth, joy, strength and wealth. Blue connotes stability and tranquility while red stands for passion and intensity.

The lamp evokes the light of wisdom while the seven rays represent the seven campuses of the system. SCIENCE, INDUSTRY, PROGRESS reflect the school’s belief that critical and analytical thinking, coupled with hard work, will lead to a person’s total advancement.

In a nutshell, the seal tells us that the school nurtures a person’s passion for total advancement making use of a strong academic base delivered in an atmosphere of caring environment and constancy of purpose.


College Gate

The ancient Greeks were great thinkers, philosophers, politicians and artists. The Doric columns of Greek architecture communicate the ideals of order, harmony and grandeur, just as other structures are neat and tidy and could fit into a mathematical formula. The similar columns are not meant to be an exercise in repetition, but to express an aliveness that comes from straight lines and even spacing.college_gate

The Parthenon was a temple built in honor of Athena, the goddess of wisdom associated with ethics, and who is also their patron of arts and craft. The Parthenon suggests openness because it can be approached from all sides, while providing strong contrasts of light and shadow.

The Romans, who borrowed a lot from the Greeks, were innovators and turned what they borrowed into something different. The Roman Parthenon looks Greek on the outside, but the inside is entirely different. They saw the neat and tidy façade, but they realized that the concept of temple was more than just the structure. It was also an interior that provided an experience that was more personal which involved space, emotions and beliefs.

The Roosevelt College gates were fashioned with the Greek and Roman principles in mind. This symbolic structure evokes wisdom, mathematical exactness, order and harmony. But this structure also encloses an open space in which to nurture total growth of the individual, including his thoughts, emotions, beliefs, values or sense of light and shadow, and total aliveness

Built centuries apart, the Greek and Roman pillars symbolize the grandeur of beauty and excellence that marked their time, just as our own pillars project the world-class graduates who are highly competitive, responsive to change and deeply committed to live in harmony with man and nature.


College Mascot

The school mascot provides a common rallying point for the school, parents, and the entire school community that helps raise their collective spirit and pride. It elicits a sense of identity andcollege_mascot helps instill loyalty in the school.

A mascot can bring life and attention to the school, its various programs and projects or special causes. It can make the people notice and take a look at what the school is about.

Along this persuasion, Roosevelt College launched in SY 2005-2006 a Search for a School Mascot.And the winning mascot was the choice of more than 80% of the respondents in a survey conducted for this purpose.

Powerful wings. Keen eyesight. Enduring and lasting power. Superior strength. He soars high and dominates the sky with his mighty presence. The new symbol of the Roosevelt College System, The Roosevelt College Golden Eagle.



Roosevelt College Hymn