Future-Ready Learning


RCI’s unique blended-learning approach mixes teacher-facilitated instruction and student-led activities to nurture creativity, self discipline, and critical thinking among students. These are values that make them better prepared for a fast-paced and ever-changing future.

Blended Learning

From Grades 4 to 12, we use a blended-learning approach that combines the best of different          teaching strategies based on books, e-learning tools, performance tasks, and extra-curricular activities to ensure that our students are well-rounded and develop a lasting love of learning.

Dynamic Curriculum

We design our curriculum by first identifying the overall characteristics that we want all Roosevelt College, Inc., students and graduates to have at each level of learning and when they graduate. Then we work backwards to list the specific skills and knowledge that they will need to eventually succeed in their chosen endeavor.

Developing a Love for Reading and Writing.

Our Reading/Writing Program for the elementary and high school departments effectively turns our students into lovers of books and reading, and into expressive essay writers. We have invested in building a diverse collection of literature and reference books for our libraries and classrooms that are popular with our students.