• —Develops and administers job evaluation programs for the entire system
  • —Advises top management and other line managers on their use.
  • —Keeps an organized and functional file of job descriptions, job design and evaluation
  • —Keeps an updated file of all personnel
  • —Recruits human resources needed based on requisition forms submitted by other departments/offices
  • —Screens applications for work and recommends the best qualified applicant to the requesting head for interview and demo (for teaching).
  • —Review the submitted recommendation of the school head
  • —Orient the best among the qualified applicants
  • —Places the selected applicant in the right place in coordination with the requesting department
  • —Maintains as possible adequate human resource at all time for the entire organization
  • —Acts as signatory for approval of loans and other benefits given to regular employees.
  • —Formulates performance evaluation tools.
  • —Administers performance evaluation tools in coordination with other line managers/heads.
  • —Assist line manager take care of the movement of the employees: promotion, layoff, transfer, resignation, retirement, etc.
  • —Sees to it that every decision as much as possible is made in light of labor laws and government regulations.
  • —Prepares a short and long term plans for training and education for the entire organization from top management to rank and file.
  • —Announces available training and education program within and outside of the organization.
  • —Helps screen the applicants for these programs
  • —Provides counseling program for those who need the counseling service , and
  • —Prepares the budget for the programs.


2010 Manual of Regulations for Private School – Basic Education – View/Download

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  • Human Resource Department
  • Human Resource Management Office
  • Vision and Mission
  • Admin and Staff
  • VP for Academic Affairs Office
  • Functions
  • Job Descriptions
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  • Central Offices
  • Alumni Relations
  • Academic Year Calendar
  • Research and Publications
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  • School History
  • Historical Timeline
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