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Purchasing Office

The basic function of the Purchasing Office is the procurement of the requirements of the Roosevelt College system including school and office supplies, school and office furniture and equipment, disposal of scrap materials, repair and maintenance of equipment and the delivery of all of the above to the concerned offices.  It also involves evaluation of equipment for purchase and of supplier capabilities.

The office performs the following specific functions:

  1. Centralized processing of procurement requests
  2. Canvass of materials, equipment and prices, including alternative materials/sources when traditional materials/sources are not available
  3. Preparation of purchase orders and delivery to concerned offices
  4. Evaluation of equipment including coordination with suppliers with regards to product demonstrations
  5. Printing and sale of the English Language Training Center’s Source Books and Teachers’ Manuals for speech lessons


The office is headed by a Purchasing Manager and two(2) purchasing assistants. The functions are divided into procurement of either supplies or equipment for more efficient performance and monitoring.


Contact Numbers:

Direct Line                  681-6214

Trunk Line                  681-6206 Local 121

Email Address            rcspurchasing29@yahoo.com