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ANNOUNCEMENT: Calling all graduates of Roosevelt Memorial High School, Roosevelt College San Roque and Roosevelt College Cainta, you are all invited to the 2016 Grand Alumni Homecoming, with the theme, Many Paths…One Roosevelt Spirit…”

“This will be held at the Roosevelt College Cainta Quadrangle on February 6, Saturday. Registration starts at 3:00PM”

“For ticket inquiries, please call Ms. Rosil Dimapilis at 0917-5001173 or Ms. Carol Favor at 0923-1811867”

Come home and celebrate!



Attention: All graduates of Marikina Academy, Roosevelt Memorial High School, Roosevelt College San Roque & Roosevelt College Cainta;

Please be advised that the Batch Assembly which was postponed last Saturday, Sept. 20, 2014 due to bad weather condition will be RESET on Saturday, October 4, 2014, 2:00 p.m. at the bahay alumni, RC Cainta Campus, Sumulong Highway, Cainta, Rizal.

Your attendance will be highly appreciated.

Thank you.


Officers & Members of the Board of RC Cainta Alumni Association, Inc.


Sumulong Highway, Cainta, Rizal
Tel. No. 646-5885

September 1, 2014

ATTENTION: Batch 1987

The Roosevelt College Cainta Alumni Association, Inc. (RCCAAI) will hold its Batch Assembly on September 20, 2014, Saturday at 2:00 p.m. at the Bahay Alumni ng mga Rooseveltians, Roosevelt College Cainta Campus, Sumulong Highway, Cainta, Rizal

This is an opportunity for the Association to meet its Batch members through their Batch representatives (please send 2 or more) and a time to rekindle camaraderie among Rooseveltians even as we plan for the forthcoming Grand Alumni Homecoming next year. An opportunity for all celebrating classes to get together with other non-celebrating classes (batches ending in 5 & 0) with Batch 1965 (Golden Jubilarian) and Batch 1990 (Silver Jubilarian) spearheading the celebration.

This is also a time for the RCCAA Board of Directors and Officers to report their plans and accomplishments, as well as its finances.

We hope we be honored by your batch’s presence. The Association is counting on you.

For confirmation of your attendance, please call or email or text the following:
Michael Ambrosio – – 0922-9559951
Jeff Copiaco – – 0917-8137744
Arni Lagman – – 0917-5386812
Susan Pulido – – 0929-1876846 / 646-5885
Very truly yours,


Noted by:

Director, Alumni Relations Office


For the month of December 2013

The Office of Alumni Affairs has released the schedule of alumni activities for December 13, 2013.

Alumni of Roosevelt College System are invited to meet and enjoy with members of their batches to keep the Christmas Spirit alive among them in the halls of their Alma Mater.

See you all soon!






Dec. 1 – Sunday RCCAA meeting

2:00 p.m.

College AVR
Batch 1989 assembly

3:00 p.m.

alumni hall
Dec. 6 – Friday Batch 1958 Christmas Party

4:00 p.m. onwards

alumni hall
Dec. 7 – Saturday Batch 1964 Christmas Party

9:00 a.m. onwards

alumni hall
Dec. 8 – Sunday RCCAA Christmas Party

4:00 p.m. onwards

alumni hall
Dec. 12 – Thursday Batch 1955 Christmas Party

5:00 p.m. onwards

alumni hall
Dec. 13 – Friday Batch 1979 Christmas Party

10:00 am- onwards

alumni hall
Dec. 14 – Saturday Batch 1990 Christmas Party

11:00 a.m.

College AVR
Dec. 28 – Saturday Batch 1985 Christmas Party

6:00 p.m. onwards

alumni hall
Batch 1988 Christmas Party

4:00 p.m. onwards

College AVR
Dec. 29 – Sunday RC Marikina Batch 1990

6:00 p.m. onwards

alumni hall
Dec. 30 – Monday Batch 1989 Christmas Party

5:00 p.m. onwards

alumni hall


CALLING ALL THE ROOSEVELTIANS ALL OVER THE WORLD!! Roosevelt College System grand alumni homecoming 2014 is fast approaching. You are all invited to witness this BIG EVENT which will be held on the 15th of February, 2014 at Roosevelt College Cainta quadrangle.


alumni 2014





























The office of Alumni Relations was purposely created to coordinate activities and projects of the alumni associations of the various units of school system.

At present, there are ten (10) active alumni associations which are under the umbrella of the Federation of Alumni Associations of Roosevelt College Inc., a  non sectarian, non-profit, non-stock corporate entity.

On the aggregate, the alumni associations have a membership of over 150,000 disrtibuted in 10 associations.

1.    The Roosevelt College Cainta Alumni Associations Inc., The biggest in terms of membership. These includes graduate of the Marikina

Academy,  RMHS Administration, RC San Roque and RC Cainta.

2.   Roosevelt College San Mateo Alumni Association.  The count of its member graduate of the Dona Aurora High School

and RC San mateo

3.   Roosevelt College Rodriguez Alumni Association Inc.

4.   Roosevelt College Marikina Alumni Association Inc.

5.   Roosevelt College Cubao Alumni Association Inc.

6.   Roosevelt College Quirino Alumni Association Inc.

7.   Roosevelt College Montalban  Alumni Association Inc.

8.   Roosevelt College Marikina Alumni Association Inc.

9.   Roosevelt College Tertiary Division Alumni Association Inc.

10.   Roosevelt College Science High School Alumni Association Inc.

RC Alumnus Roger Espiritu and His Unique Navy Family

Roger F. Espiritu, M.D., alumnus of Roosevelt Memorial High School, Quirino Branch, recently informed Mr. Romeo P. dela Paz, President of Roosevelt College System, about his family’s achievements in the United States of America.
Dr Espiritu served at the former Naval Air Station at Moffet Field, the Navy Regional Medical Center in Oakland, the Naval Hospital in Guam, with deployments in Adak, Alaska; Misawa Air Base in Japan, Subic Bay in the Philippines. Before retirement, he spent a six-month shipboard assignment in charge of medical departments of a four-ship contingent aboard the USS New Orleans as Commander Amphibious Task Force Surgeon.
Before returning to home port in San Diego, Roger went to Hong Kong, Singapore, Bahrain, Jordan, Dubai, Kuwait, Perth and Hawaii. His youngest son Joe joined him on board ship as it headed from Hawaii to San Diego as part of a Navy offer to sponsor a family member on the final leg of deployment. This experience spurred Joe to join the Navy.
Joe is currently a Navy helicopter pilot assigned as navy liaison at the Yokota Air Force Base in Japan, after having served in the Iraqi war rescuing downed air crew members. He was also involved in rescue missions in the aftermath of Japan’s devastating earthquake and tsunami last year.
Roger’s daughter Jennifer lives in Norfolk, Virginia, where she is a board-certified preventive medicine specialist with a Master’s degree in Public Health earned through a naval scholarship to the University of South Carolina in Chapel Hill.
Sam, Roger’s other son trained to become an anesthesiologist at the Navy Medical Center in Portsmouth, Virginia.
It seems all three children might follow a navy career.
Roger’s wife Elvie did not don the Navy uniform but her life is just as rich and full. She was a practicing internist at Kaiser in Walnut Creek. She is a Cub Scout Leader and a carpool driver. Roger and Elvie are active leaders in the Filipino group and belong to the St Joseph Parish where Roger is a lector and a member of the Knights of Columbus. The couple enjoys camping and love their bonding moments with their grandchildren: two in Virginia and two in Japan.
Together, the couple is enjoying life in the US with family, neighbors, and friends.