“Find your ‘true north,’” RCI President Michael Alba tells first batch of graduates under RCI new management

The Class of 2017, the first tertiary class to graduate under the new management of Roosevelt College, Inc., (RCI), donned their academic gowns and were bestowed their academic degrees on March 31, 2017, at Teatro Marikina in Marikina City, Metro Manila. A total of 109 graduates from the Tertiary Education Division (TED) and Graduate School (GS) marched on stage to have their tassels shifted and diplomas handed them. The graduation ceremony had the theme, Espousing Academic Excellence for Social Transformation.

RCI central administration officers and unit officials were witnesses to this momentous event. In his commencement address, RCI president Michael Alba delivered the last lessons or bilins to the graduates. Among others, he gave them a list of things that can help them find their “true north.”

  1. (From the book Higher Education in America by Derek Bok, ex-president of Harvard University) Develop critical thinking skills and commit to be a life-long learner, be morally sensitive and upright, and be an active and engaged citizen in the community. Graduates should seek to develop these skills, traits, and values to succeed in the world of work and to flourish in life. “To be a good person and citizen, you need a moral backbone and civic spirit,” he summed up.
  1. (From the book Designing Your Life: How to Build a Well-Lived Joyful Life by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans, teachers of the most popular elective course at Stanford University) Design life as the most important project—be constantly aware that doing so is a process, be persistently curious to see things from different perspectives, and ask for help through collaboration.
  1. Never give up!
  1. This came from an Hasidic tale Dr. Alba heard from Rev. Fr. Mariano Agruda III, OCD, which points towards a correct disposition to the Almighty. It goes…

Late one evening, a poor farmer, on his way back from the market, found himself without his prayer book. The wheel of his cart had come off right in the middle of the woods and it distressed him that this day should pass without his having said his prayers.

So, he uttered this prayer: “I have done something very foolish, Lord. I came away from home this morning without my prayer book, and my memory is such that I cannot recite a single prayer without it. So this is what I am going to do: I shall recite the alphabet five times very slowly, and You, to whom all prayers are known, can put the letters together to form the prayers I cannot remember.”

And the Lord God said to His angels: “Of all the prayers I have heard today, this one was undoubtedly the best because it came from a heart simple and sincere.

In her yearbook message to the class, RCI vice president for academic affairs Gillian Joyce Virata lauded the graduates for having completed all the requirements for their respective degrees amid significant changes in school, the country, and the world. She exhorted them to create their own vision of a better world for all as the world needs people who can and will keep it on a path of peace, collaboration, and growth.

TED and GS Dean Aldrin Darilag, meanwhile, challenged the graduates to continue dreaming for a brighter future, continue toiling for a fruitful vineyard so that there will be more opportunities and special places that will come their way.

On behalf of the graduates, Prince Joser Cruz, acknowledged and thanked the people who helped and guided them in their academic journey leading them to march with pride, honor, and dignity. Cruz was awarded the highest honors in the graduate school.

RCI TED and GS graduation at Teatro Marikina, Marikina City, Metro Manila

RCI TED and GS graduation at Teatro Marikina, Marikina City, Metro Manila


RCI Board of Trustees and officials (L-R): TED and Graduate School Dean Aldrin Darilag, Board of Trustees (BOT) member Edilberto de Jesus, BOT member and President Michael Alba, and Vice President for Academic Affairs Gillian Joyce Virata

RCI Board of Trustees and officials
(L-R): TED and Graduate School Dean Aldrin Darilag, Board of Trustees (BOT) member Edilberto de Jesus, BOT member and President Michael Alba, and Vice President for Academic Affairs Gillian Joyce Virata


Prince Joser Cruz, graduate school student with the highest honors, delivers his Address of Gratitude

Prince Joser Cruz, a graduate of MA in Education with specialization in English Studies and Instruction with the highest honors, delivers his Address of Gratitude

RCI joins FEU group of schools for BE curriculum mapping project launch

Roosevelt College, Inc. (RCI), together with the other FEU group of schools, convened for the first time for the launching of FEU’s Basic Education (BE) Curriculum Mapping project on April 4, 2017, at the University Conference Center. RCI campus heads, principals, and academic supervisors with vice president for academic affairs Gillian Joyce Virata and RCI faculty development consultant Adalia Soriano were in attendance.

In his opening remarks, FEU president Michael Alba said the event was more of a relaunching because the project has been implemented for one year in FEU Cavite and Diliman. But this time, the administration would like to do the reform more comprehensively as well as align faculty incentives with performance. Pres. Alba also presented the challenges being faced by FEU and pointed out that curriculum mapping is an avenue to get to the right direction—engaging happy students who love learning, have a good sense of the world, have developed Multiple Intelligences, and are well rounded; having teachers who have mastery over their subjects, who care about students in their charge, who help students to flourish, and who are also financially stable; and having a vibrant and nurturing school environment where each one cooperates toward reaching the common goal and each one becomes the best version of themselves.  Curriculum mapping is about fostering a culture of empowerment.

For his part, FEU chief finance officer (CFO) Juan Miguel Montinola gave an overview of the administration’s plans for the FEU group of schools. He emphasized academic excellence as the only metric of success and curriculum mapping is one of the means to achieve this. CFO Montinola urged the schools to keep on improving to fulfill the delivery of good-quality education.

Vice president for human resource Renato Serapio talked about the Faculty Incentive Program outlining required competencies, individual key performance indicators (KPI), and the program’s parameters. All these are aimed at looking at one’s strengths and addressing areas for improvement geared toward having good and meaningful careers at FEU.

FEU consultant and resource person Nicole Concepcion-Inocencio discussed the curriculum mapping KPI and timeline and held workshops on the FEU core values and graduate attributes, and learning circles about teaching practices.

The event was capped by a reflection and commitment activity where each participant reflected on their role based on the core values discussed.  

RCI @FEU curriculum mapping

RCI group, composed of campus heads, principals, and academic supervisors, led by VP for Academic Affairs Gillian Joyce Virata (center) (L-R): Jason Carlos, Penelope Mercado, Teresa Angeles, Rosarita Dalisay, RCI faculty development consultant Adalia Soriano, FEU consultant and workshop resource person Nicole Concepcion-Inocencio, VP Virata, Carmencita Alcantara, Laura Moya, Merlina Domingo, Norita Lachenal, Leonila Santos, and Roberto Cruz