RCI celebrates 84 years of academic excellence

Roosevelt College, Inc. (RCI), is a respected pioneer in tertiary and basic education in eastern Metro Manila and the Province of Rizal. Now a proud member of the FEU group of schools, this 84-year–old institution remains committed to the provision of high-quality education to Roosevelt students.

This year, RCI celebrated its 84th founding anniversary.  The week-long celebration in the last week of January brought together RCI’s elementary, secondary, and tertiary education departments (EED, SED, and TED, respectively) in the opening ceremonies. From January 26–30, 2017, various activities were held to commemorate the occasion.

The opening ceremonies started with the parade of students from RCI’s three departments who cheered, roared, and danced as they imbibed the festivities. RCI EED principal Jason Carlos officially opened the event with a warm welcome to the students and parents. RCI SED principal and Cainta campus head Penelope Mercado, reading the speech of VP for Academic Affairs Gillian Joyce Virata, recalled the history of the institution and mentioned some of the changes that the near future holds in store for RCI. These included high-speed Web connectivity, upgrading of facilities and equipment, experts to work with teachers in finding the best ways and the best lessons to teach so that learning will be faster, more interesting, and also more fun for all Rooseveltians.

EED students performed a mass field demonstration presenting the different Philippine festivals. SED gave their winning dance performances and TED did a musical exhibition through a live band which made all students shout for joy.

The foundation day was also highlighted by the Search for Little Mr. and Ms. RCI Cainta for EED and Mr. and Ms. RCI Cainta for SED and TED pageant night. Kenneth Gerald N. Holgado, from Grade 11-HUMSS,  and Chinnie Deguidoy from TED were hailed as the new Mr. and Ms. RCI Cainta 2017. Lindsay Sean Osorio and Lindsay Sumperos were crowned as the new little Mr. and Ms. RCI Cainta 2017.

There was also Spotlight 2017, a musical presentation organized by the Actor’s Guild led by the club president Marie Carlen Tanio and directed by club adviser John Cristopher Ubaldo and SED teacher Erika Comendador. Spotlight captures the life of a Rooseveltian in school. The video presentations were prepared by Vernon Portugal, Grade 11– HUMSS and Keren Taylar, Grade 10– Rizal. The story behind each segment was very inspirational and something that all students were able to relate to. Music genres of pop, rock, and ballads were used in the performances packed with impressive choreography. SED faculty and staff, led by guidance counselor Carlota Casalme, also prepared a surprise performance. The program was a success with positive feedback given to the performers.

On January 30, a system-wide thanksgiving mass and awards ceremony were held with the presence of the Board of Trustees led by Chair Aurelio R. Montinola III and Central Office administration officers headed by  President Michael M. Alba, officials and guests from the Far Eastern University, and RCI campuses’ school heads, faculty, and staff. Fr. Vonn Rudolph Villacarlos, an alumnus of RCI Cainta, officiated the mass. At the ensuing awarding ceremonies, employees with 10, 20, 25, 30, and 35 years of service were given recognition for their dedication and loyalty to the institution.

On behalf of the awardees, Fernando P. Jorge, a 35-year service awardee from RCI Cainta, gave a response for the recognition received. He reminisced his early days in RCI and said he was privileged to have witnessed the many turn of events in the institution. He expressed his gratitude to the former chair of the board of trustees and president who was present that night, Romeo P. dela Paz, for the sacrifices he did for Roosevelt College and its community for the past years. As to the challenge that the changes in RCI offers, he said to embrace and see it as an opportunity for growth.

Chair Montinola III and President Alba, in their speeches, presented to the RCI community the things to look forward to in the next school year and beyond as the new management takes major steps in implementing changes for a resurgent institution.


rci officials

L-R: FEU VP for Corporate Affairs Gianna Montinola, RCI VP for Finance Rosanna Salcedo, RCI CFO Juan Miguel Montinola, RCI President Michael Alba, former Roosevelt College Chair of the Board of Trustees (BOT) and President Romeo dela Paz, RCI HR Officer Frances Nina delas Armas, RCI BOT Chair Aurelio Montinola III, and RCI VP for Academic Affairs Gillian Joyce Virata




RCI attends PACU seminar on critical and creative thinking

The Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities (PACU) held a seminar on critical and creative thinking on March 2–3, 2017, at the Blessed Buenaventura G. Paredes OP Building in the University of Santo Tomas in Manila.  The seminar provided a venue for the academe to recognize and strengthen the value of using critical thinking in the classroom and beyond. Topics covered were the infusion of critical thinking into content areas, multiple intelligences and learning styles, application of critical thinking in the IB schools, to name a few.

Resource speakers, mostly academicians, presented valuable ideas and concepts on critical thinking. It was stressed that teaching becomes successful only when students transfer critical-thinking processes into real-life situations or daily encounters with reality. In the classroom, equal emphasis should be given to both content or mastery of the subject matter and the thinking process.

Another speaker highlighted the need for teachers and educators to feel joy in what they are doing so that learning for students becomes an enjoyable experience. In the process, being joyful releases one’s passion—one cannot teach something one doesn’t enjoy. Moreover, on top of content, teachers need to teach kindness, fairness, and resiliency.

The need to work in teams was likewise underscored. Collaborative and cooperative learning are favored to expose the learner to alternative viewpoints. Knowledge should not be kept in silos; this is not acceptable in the realm of critical and creative thinking.

On curriculum design, while there have been endeavors to make a holistic curriculum to ensure that learners learn, it is still stifled during the implementation or delivery process. “Curriculum is more than a textbook, more than a classroom, and more than teachers and students. It is all of the social influences, populist crises, military campaigns, and historical moments that shape our lives—when we are in school and in our lives beyond the classroom.” (Cary 2006) This calls for a real educational leader who “must look at the curriculum whole and raise insistent questions of priority and relationship.” (Cremin 1965)

RCI’s Aldrin Darilag, Dean of the Tertiary Education Division and Graduate School, and Rosarita Dalisay from the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs represented RCI in the seminar.



Cary, Lisa. Curriculum Spaces: Discourse, Postmodern Theory and Educational Research. New York: Peter Lang, 2006

Cremin, Lawrence. The Genius of American Education. New York: Vintage Books, 1965

pacu group pic

Critical and creative thinking seminar participants with PACU officers and staff. RCI delegates were Dean Aldrin Darilag (last row, extreme right) and Rosarita Dalisay (third row, extreme right).                 


RCI Rodriguez hosts SWA Discovery workshop

By Karl Lyel B. Lim and John Carlo I. San Pascual


On February 24–26, 2017, the Roosevelt College Rodriguez Scout Movement, composed of the Senior Scout Outfit 289 and Rover Scout Circle 01, participated in the Scouts of the World Award (SWA) Discovery workshop held in the Roosevelt College Rodriguez campus. A total of 66 scouts (39 Senior scouts and 27 Rover scouts) successfully completed the workshop. The SWA is a recognition given to scouts who epitomize exemplary performance in the field of volunteerism to attain betterment of the world.

The workshop was facilitated by Sctr. Bernando G. de Leon, deputy national program commissioner for community-based scouting of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines (BSP), together with his team—Sctr. Dexter C. Villa, from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources; Sctr. Carmelo B. Francia, country coordinator for Messengers of Peace and BSP National Office program research development officer; Sctr. Roy Christian A. Inciong, from Globe Telecom, Inc.; and Sct. Allizandra Janina F. Gulapa and Sct. Carl Jeff Andrew F. Angeles, both from Brighton Venturers 1012 of Manila Council-BSP.

The workshop consisted of modules on peace, development, and environment.

Sctr. Francia talked about peace. He said that peace can only be achieved if two or more people, who already have peace in themselves, will work together to diffuse it to the world.

The development module was discussed by Sct. Angeles, an SWA awardee. He presented the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals which primarily aim to eradicate poverty, to safeguard the planet, and to guarantee impartiality and success to all.

Sctr. Villa talked about the environment. He highlighted the urgent need to stop climate change for it was destroying the environment. He encouraged the youth to  advocate the preservation of the planet through proper waste segregation and waste disposal.

In preparation for their community service, the scouts also conducted a field visit to Sitio Wawa, one of the remote places in the Municipality of Rodriguez. They inspected the area and interviewed several residents to hear their views on important concerns that needed to be addressed.

Sctr. Inciong facilitated the development of action plans and tested the scouts’ decision-making skills through an interactive activity.

Ultimately, the scouts were awarded their SWA Passports which marked the start of their journey to help bring about world peace and development and to save the environment.

RCI Rodriguez campus head Carmencita Alcantara served as the workshop consultant. MAPEH teacher  Lim was the workshop coordinator and Sctr. de Leon was the workshop director and head facilitator.


RC! scouts1

The Senior Scout Outfit 289 and Rover Scout Circle 01 of the Roosevelt College Rodriguez Scout Movement