RCI Cainta TED holds curriculum mapping seminar-workshop

The Tertiary Education Division (TED) of Roosevelt College, Inc. (RCI) Cainta Campus conducted a two-part Curriculum Mapping Seminar-Workshop for its faculty members on August 31 and September 22, 2016, at the RCI Center for Teacher Education Seminar Room.

With this year’s theme, “Embracing Curriculum Standards of the ASEAN 2016: A Challenge for a Responsive and Responsible Rooseveltian Higher Education,” the teaching force identified  Rooseveltian graduate attributes that relate to academic excellence; competence and competitiveness; social and cultural responsiveness; environmental stewardship; and social transformation.

Dr. Dary Dacanay from De La Salle University gave an introductory talk on trends in education and curriculum mapping. Prof. Emanuel Bagual from the University of the Philippines led the RCI tertiary team in reviewing and organizing the outcomes-based education (OBE) syllabus vis-a-vis the attributes desired of Rooseveltian graduates.




















RCI-Cainta SHS explores historic FEU Manila Campus

By Jennielyn Cayetano, RCSHS Faculty

Teachers and student leaders from RCI-Cainta Science High School (SHS) toured the FEU Manila Campus on September 15, 2016, with student members of FEU Guides. The group discovered that FEU was a place immersed in history, culture, and love for the arts. The University was awarded Honorable Mention in the 2008 UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation because of its art deco architecture (a genre of art emphasizing shape, symmetry, and subtlety) and its effort in preserving heritage sites and pieces.

“We liked the architecture of the buildings. Interesting!” said the students. They noted a particular building (the Administration building) which was fashioned after a ship that was said to represent a motif of the time it was designed and built. “We were also fascinated with the concept of “two places at one time” as FEU is situated in two places–Sampaloc and Quiapo,” they added. The teachers, on the other hand, expressed that “the FEU community exuded a professional and accommodating atmosphere.”

The library was also a common favorite as they found that it was not just “techie” and up to date but that it also housed some rare Filipiniana such as the Doctrina Christiana and various letters from prominent personalities. The group described it as “clean, rich in resources and very conducive for studying.” They were also showed a collection of preserved specimens.

The group also enjoyed the history of the Smiling Tamaraw Garden which could be viewed from the library located at the second floor, the friendship and love lanes with symbolic motifs embossed on benches, the study areas in the quadrangle, and the paintings and sculptures done by famous national artists such as Botong Francisco and Vicente Manansala, among others.

After the tour, the students expressed hope that in the future RCI will become as beautiful and as upgraded in terms of facilities and library materials which will give future RCI students the opportunity to excel in their chosen fields. The tour was definitely a glimpse of the future for RCI.

RCI-Cainta Science High School teachers and student leaders (L-R): Mr. Miguel Yap, Jyro Fernandez, Kenneth Asuncion, Evan Malonzo, Kristen Sinay, Maxxine Loyola, Hazel Sagun, Ms. Joy Fetalvero, Mrs. Sandy Wyson, Ms. Jen Cayetano

friendship benchlovers bench

(L-R) Benches in the Friendship Lane have flower sculpture symbolizing friendship while benches in the ‘Lovers’ Lane’ have hearts embedded in them

our lady

Our Lady of Fatima Chapel


A Vicente Manansala painting inside the chapel

feet apart

“Two places at one time” FEU is situated both in Sampaloc and Quiapo. The line in the middle serves as the boundary between the two places.

memorial sculptures

Memorial sculptures by Vicente Manansala portraying Dr. Nicanor Reyes Sr.’s thoughts on patriotism, freedom, justice, and education.

@ Evan Malonzo