Social Studies Month: “A healthy soil for a healthy life”

By: Ma.Angelica Marantal and Patricia Cerez Perez

Last October 05, 2015, Social Studies Club held the parade of National Costumes in celebration of the United Nations Month. The parade started at 9:30 in the morning. After the parade, they went to the Gymnasium to introduce themselves and the country that they were representing. Then, Caila Panerio, Roni Pasaba, Latrell Felix and Hanna Padua prepared a song number entitled “Piliin mo ang Pilipinas”. Everyone applauded for their amazing voices, then the club moderator, Mrs. Lilia Braga announced the following activities in the month of October.

Last October 26, 2015, The Culminating Activity of the Social studies month headed by the Social Studies Club members together with their club moderator Mrs.Lilia G. Braga, was held .Every year, we conduct the search for Mr. and Ms. United Nations. Many of the Rooseveltians joyfully participates in this event, wearing their dazzling national costumes. First, was the parade of the national costumes and next is the judging and awarding of the special awards. But before the announcing of winners in the Mr. and Ms.United Nations, they announced first the winners in the poster making held last October 12, 2015. Here are the winners:

Winner- Poster number 20 (8-Lavender)


In the search of Mr. and Ms. United Nations, there were four chosen winners for the first, and second runners up then the two crowned of the title “Mr. and Ms. United Nations 2015”. The following are the names of the winners:

Ms.United Nations 2015 -Johanna Kirsten Romero (7-St.Anne)

Mr.United Nations 2015 – Sebastian Francisco (8-Lavender)

1st runner up -Alliah Millen Obelidor (10-Shakespeare)

Mark Azly Rosil (10-Shelley)

2nd runner up- Airah Mae Mesina ( 8-Lavender )

-Latrell Felix (10-shakespeare)


The next contests is in the afternoon, the song interpretation, KPOP dance and the historical play. The interpretative dance or the song interpretation is exclusive contest for Grade 9 students only. Every section have their own entry for this contest with the song entitled “Heal the World by Michael Jackson”. When the contest started, all the students from different sections in Grade 9 are cheering for their representatives. All the performances are quite great and they gave justice in interpreting the said song. Before proceeding to the next contest, John Roi Dela Cruz from Grade 9-Venus and Jonathan Real from Grade 10-Dickinson prepared a song number entitled “Ngiti” in which students truly enjoyed. Afterwards, is the most anticipated part of the program—the historical play. The historical play is the scrimmage of sections for Grade 10 students. It’s like a teatro that students will re-enact about the past happenings in our history like when Japan colonized our country and when people power revolution happened. These two are just some of the subjects played by the Grade 10 students. They did a really great job and the performances are very astonishing. It was as if you are experiencing the real struggle that happened in the past in our country. The audience, especially the judges have been very amazed with the performances of the Grade 10 students. Lastly, is the K-POP Dance Competition, the scrimmage from Grade 7 to Grade 8. Every section have their own entry. When this contest started, the crowd went wild especially the K-POP fans who were watching it. Students are cheering for their sections’ representative. Even some of the teachers are happy when the K-Pop music started echoing across the whole gymnasium. The Grade 7 and 8 students showed that Rooseveltians are not just good in academics but are also very talented in terms of dancing and singing. The program was really great and the performances are very amazing! But of course, in every contest it should only have one champion. Although in all, win or lose, everyone did their best in every contest they participated in and they proved that they are talented! Congratulations to everyone!

Here are the winners for the different contests:

Interpretative Dance (Champion): 9-Athena

Historical Play (Champion): 10-Shakespeare

K-Pop Dance Competition (Champion): 8-Lavender

Congratulations Winners! Keep it up!

In behalf of the Social Studies Club, thank you to everyone who participated in our celebration and for giving all of your 101% energy to every contest we have conducted. We truly appreciate all your efforts and without all of you, this event wouldn’t be successful.

Again, thank you everyone and God Bless! 

-Angelica Marantal ( Jr.President of the Social Studies Club)