October 1-2,2015

Roosevelt College Cainta,Covered Court




PART I-Parade


Assembly 7:00 AM

Start of Parade 7:30 AM

Order of Parade

School Official/Faculty

Delegation Banner

Cainta Campus

Institute of Commerce (Business Management and Public Administration)

Hotel and Restaurant Management

Institute of Liberal Arts (AB Broadcasting)

Marikina Campus

Institute of Business Administration (Human Resource Development Mgt.and Operation Mgt.)

Institute of Liberal Arts (AB Psychology)

Institute of Computer Studies (BS Information Technology & BS Information System)

PART II-Opening Ceremonies

Invocation Francesca C. Reyes

Student, ILA

National Anthem/RC Hymn

Opening Remarks Dr.Paz H.Diaz

VP, Academics


Presentation of the Delegates (Yell)

Presentation of Muses

Raise to the Top Muses /Team Managers

Oath of Sportmanship Eris Ian DC. Cruz

MVP Basketball, Sportfest 2014

Declaration of the Opening of RCSTED SPORTSFEST 2015 Mr.Victor E.Alfonso


Ceremonial Toss Dr.Paz H.Diaz/Mr.Victor E.Alfonso


PART IV-Larong Pinoy

PART V-Game Proper





Recognition of Participants and Awarding of Winners


October 7, 2015 RC Cainta Covered Court


I. Words of Gratitude……………………………………………………. John Roland Raquel


II.Intermission Number ……………………………………..Mrs. Ma. Luisa B. Ordonez


III. Declaration of Winners




3rd place-Ms.BA(HRDM) Rachelle Buenaventura


2nd place-Ms.Psychology-Jerricka


1st place-Ms.Liberal Arts-Shinna


Chess (M-W)


Table Tennis (M-W)


Badminton (M-W)


Volleyball (M-W)




HipHop Dance


Overall Champion


To preside………………………………………………. Mr.Angelito Lerit


Chairman, Institute of Computer Studies


To award…………………………………………………. Mr.Victor Alfonso


& Tournament Managers


To assist………………………………………… Mrs.Jenelyn Canapi


Chairman, Committee on Invitation, Certificates, Medals and Awards


Miss. Nel Anthonnette Cavite and Mr. Ralph Narral


(Masters of Ceremony)




List of Winners




3rd place-Ms.BA(HRDM) Rachelle Buenaventura

2nd place-Ms.Psychology-Jerricka

1st place-Ms.Liberal Arts-Shinna





-Team Champion


Mark Olano


Brian Olano


John Raquel


Table Tennis


– Men (Single A)


– Men (Single B)


– Men (Doubles)


– Women (Single A)


– Women (Single B)


– Women (Doubles)


– Mixed (Doubles)





– Men (Single A)

Efren Jay Lanzaderas


– Men (Single B)

Andrew Paul Boholano


– Men (Doubles)

Lawrence Lanzaderas & Kenneth Santiago


– Women (Single A)

May Cassildo


– Women (Single B)

Rachelle Buenaventura


– Women (Doubles)

Nix & Richelle Buenaventura


– Mixed (Doubles)

May Cassildo & Kevin Ancheta



HipHop Dance






– Women RC Marikina




RC Marikina


Over-all Champion RC Marikina




Mr.Ralph N.Narral and Mr.Lord Joseph G.Mendoza

(Masters of Ceremony)



Author:Efren Jay Lanzaderas



GENYO Seminar and Workshop for Teachers

The “Genyo Integration in the Classroom” and “Genyo E-Learning Training for Education” program was introduced to the teachers on June 4, 2015.

During the seminar, the school prepared the teachers to deepen their knowledge about the use of the e-Learning cycle in the classroom. It involves the following learning techniques:


ENGAGE students in the learning process through active and interesting questions and video animations, EXPLORE interactive activities and virtual experiments through the Genyo website,

EXPLAIN content through PowerPoint presentations, interactive lessons, and guided worksheets

EXTEND learning through discussions, project work and blogs

EVALUATE students through online quizzes, tests and E-portfolio.


Using these techniques, teachers will be able to help students become creative, innovative, and globally competitive.



Opening of Classes (June 8, 2015)




Leadership and Parenting Seminar


The first activity for School Year 2015-2016 at the Roosevelt College Rodriguez Secondary Education Department was a seminar on Leadership and Parenting, held on July 25, 2015 at the RCR AVR and RCR Multi-purpose Gym

The Resource Speaker for Leadership Seminar “Young Servant Leader Workshop” was Mr. Jeffrey B. Copiaco, Resource Speaker and inspirational motivator in various universities for career development planning, IT System Scheme and Team Building Facilitator delivered the training of the Student Council and Class officers of each section of RC Rodiguez. Mr. Copiaco trained the students to become leaders by enhancing their knowledge and expertise starting from their own classroom and spreading out to the whole school. And the Resource Speaker for Parenting Seminar was Mrs. Nina Frances P. De las Armas, Human Resource Development and Management Officer of Roosevelt College System. Heads of offices were oriented on managing each office, school policies, standard operating procedures, and protocols for good governance.


Earthquake Drill and Emergency Preparedness Seminar

The orientation of students on Emergency Preparedness was organized by Mr. Benjamin S. Bernardo and Mr. Hernanie A. Tan from July 30, 2015. This activity is done annually to make sure that the schools’ stakeholders and constituencies are aware and prepared for whatever emergencies and calamities everyone may face while in school.


During the Orientation, Mr. Hernanie A. Tan and Mr. Benjamin S. Bernardo, with the participation of the Rodriguez Fire Station, teachers, officials, management, and staff discussed emergency evacuation procedures such as following fire exit routes and the directions of team leaders. Students learned how to use the fire extinguisher and other fire equipment in the building, what to do when an earthquake occurs and during bomb threat situations. The students also practiced first aid procedures to ensure the safety and well being of the staff, students, and clientele during emergencies at Roosevelt College Rodriguez.


Nutrition Month Celebration


“Timbang Iwasto sa Tamang Nutrisyon at Ehersisyo”

The culminating activity was held on July 31, 2015. Highlights of the event were the following: Nutri-Jingle Contest, Slogan Making Contest, Poster Making Contest, Graphic Arts Contest, Cooking Contest and Nutri Quiz. The Computer Education program of the school aided the graphics arts contest in the school.


The Technology and Livelihood Education Department celebrated Nutrition Month in July by developing the students’ capabilities in cooking and baking nutritious foods, offering nutritious but cheaper menus, and enriching their entrepreneurial expertise.


District Meet Competition


The Roosevelt College Rodriguez welcome the delegates from different private and public schools in Rodriguez Rizal in 2015 Palarong Pandistrito with the theme “Edukasyong Sapat at Dapat, Susi sa Taglay na Tagumpay.” This event was held on August 14-15, 2015 at RCR Campus


Public Elementary and High School

• Burgos Elementary School Unit I and Unit II

• Manggahan Elementary School

• San Jose Elementary School

• Eulogio Rodriguez Jr. Elementary School

• Geronimo Elementary School

• San Rafael Elementary School

• Manggahan National High School

• Geronimo Memorial National High School

• San Jose National High School

• Burgos National High School

Private School

• Christ is the Foundation School

• Roosevelt College Rodriguez

• Center for Positive Futures

• Eastern Valley School



PAASCU Re-Survey Visit – August 24-25, 2015




The school’s Recognition program is conducted at the end of every quarter.

Recognition is held to motivate the students to push their potentials to the limits and to boost the performance as a whole.


Grade 7 –  Sampaguita


TOP 10
1 Leianne M. Lazaro
2 Nathaniel Andrei D. Benedicto
3 Chin-Chin Z. Fallarna
4 John Emmanuel R. Palijado
5 Elena D. Villanueva
6 Angel F. Mamaril
7 Shaina R. Alimpulos
8 Elijah Therese C. Basas
9 Agniezka Ellaine Y. Viscayda
10 Renjie E. Verdera


Grade 8 – Molave

TOP 10

1 Jianne Marie E. Tapang

2 Jermaine M. Velasquez

3 Cloude David M. Raflores

4 Maria Katrina G. Bauzon

5 Jasmine E. Bagtas

6 Andrea Aleczis S. Mejia

7 Reymalyn S. Cenizan

8 Camila Marie B. Limbago

9 Charles Reiji C. Watanabe

10 Nathalie Shane F. Suguitan


Grade 9 – Makiling

TOP 10

1 Maria Alyssa Isabela F. Mamaril

2 Hazel Dane M. Pulido

3 Keren G. Taylar

4 Rymka G. Gutierrez

5 Ceryl Joyce B. Garay

6 Ivan Oswald T. Morada

7 Jilleane M. Mariano

8 Jun Jun F. Tulang

9 Miguel David C. Tamayo

10 Precious Ann P. Lara


Grade 10 – Rizal

TOP 10

1 Jason Rafael M. Fabrigas

2 Joyce Ann E. Romantico

3 Jean Louise R. Claronino

4 Kimberly Mae C. Quinsaat

5 Kriz Heart R. Agillon

6 Rosherine Angela C. Pulido

7 Kate Angela A. Bayoneta

8 Sharmaine Shane F. Sumil

9 Grace Valen G. Ronquillo

10 John Ken C. Gomez

RC Cainta Participated in Cainta Municipal Meet 2015


      Medalists/Team Standing in the recently-concluded Cainta Municipal Meet 2015

Badminton: Coach – Miss Belina J. Ramillano

Gil Marasigan – Grade 8-Molave – Bronze Medal

Jean Claronino – Grade 10-Rizal – Bronze Medal




– 3 Gold Medals

– 2 Silver Medals

– Most Outstanding Swimmer

cm20153 cm20152



Table Tennis: Coach – Mr. Vic S. Sapo

Stephen William Martinez – Grade 10 Jacinto – Bronze Medal

Jason Rafael Fabrigas – Grade 10 Rizal – Bronze Medal

Ramon R. Meneses, Jr. – Grade 10 Rizal – Bronze Medal

Eunice Keth Catabona – Grade 10 Rizal – Bronze Medal

Joyce Anne Romantico – Grade 10 Rizal – Bronze Medal

Elyanna Christelle Grefal – Grade 10 Rizal – Bronze Medal

Yuan Pasion – Grade 7 Carnation – Bronze Medal

Alyssa Jewel Calimlim – Grade 10 Rizal – Bronze Medal


Rizal Provincial Meet Candidates

John Lloyd Tolipas – Grade 9 Makiling – Volleyball

Miguel Adrian V. Gomez – Grade 8 Acacia – Volleyball

Krizzia Rei A. Aldovino – Grade 10 Rizal – Swimming


Team Standing

Swimming Girls – 2nd Place

Table Tennis Boys/Girls – 3rd Place

Badminton Boys/Girls – 4th Place

Volleyball Boys – 4th Place

Chess – 4th Place

Basketball Boys – 5th Place

Basketball Girls – 6th Place

Linux Day 2015

Linux Day Celebration 2015

National Anthem
Welcome remarks -Mr.Victor E. Alfonso

1.FOSS and the 21th century learners -Mr.Angelito Lerit
2.Free Apps for Education -1st year BSIT
3.Linux Day and FOSS -2ndyear BSIT
4.Free AVP App Laecture and Demo -3rd year BSIT
5.CAPSTONE Presentaion -4th year BSIT

Open Forum
Ceremony -Mr.Angelito Lerit

Marikina SED – 1st Quarter Recognition Day


The school’s Recognition program is conducted at the end of every quarter.


Recognition is held to motivate the students to push their potentials to the limits and to boost the performance as a whole. The First Quarter Recognition Program for this School Year was held last September 12, 2015.


Grade 7
1 Mary Vivien B. Valino – St. Anne
2 Bethany Milicent V. Valle – St. Anne
3 Nykesha Reese F. Satnos – St. Benedict
4 Marco Luis S. Jimenez – St. Anne
5 Mar Jericho C. de Guzman – St. Anne
6 Vanessa Gem B. Novio – St. Benedict
7 Jeraine Micaela G. Palma – St. Anne
8 Myca Andrea C. Paringit – St. Anne
9 Synoah Elijah Y. Penaflorida – St. Benedict
10 Jeromy DG Navarro – St. Anne


Grade 8
1 Karen R. Grande – Flamingo
2 Christine Joyce L. Rascal – Lavender
3 Jarel B. Bonifacio – Flamingo
4 Daexceri Camba – Daffodils
5 Kristine G. Roche – Flamingo
6 Pamela Marie T. Albarro – Daffodils
7 Czarina Angeline R. Aquial – Daffodils
8 Mariel Kae M. Herrera – Lavender
9 Queen Sofia Monica P. Alas – Daffodils
10 Sofia Jonah S. Caspe – Levender


Grade 9
1 Jess Laurence A. Concepcion – Venus
2 Mark Nicolas D. Vale – Apollo
3 Ralph Louise E. Esma – Athena
4 Shine Louise B. Pacudan – Venus
5. Clarice Andrea B. Tan – Apollo
6 Cherrie Dolor C. Salayog – Venus
7 Benjamin F. Ebora – Athena
8 Nikka Ella R. Ricafranca – Venus
9 Ma. Angelica D. Marantal – Venus
10 Reginald M. Santos – Athena


11062685_1019486464757548_6402009710682609325_n 11150968_1019486174757577_7525581822281397061_n 11218863_1019485471424314_8106168245974951_n 11219000_1019485804757614_6886164172486583422_n 11836750_1019484111424450_8112676216635903223_n 11863469_1019486448090883_7977245195842070215_n 11896148_1019485071424354_7954806265166977942_n 11987130_1019483774757817_429015854042544950_n 11988697_1019486041424257_3870551072628756849_n 11988734_1019485351424326_7840726422578234307_n 11990653_1019483711424490_5520071433450668588_n 12002041_1019485621424299_1986926896062170282_n 12009660_1019484944757700_8480276989484822623_n 12009689_1019484931424368_3780763187834172641_n 12011131_1019483634757831_4568539588034620608_n

TED – Buwan ng Wika 2015


Noong ika-25 ng Agosto 2015, sa Roosevelt College Cainta, ay ginanap ang taunang selebrasyon ng Buwan ng Wika na may temang “Filipino: Wika ng Pambansang Kaunlaran”

Sa direksiyon ni G. Willie L. Dela Cruz at sa tulong ng mga pangulo ng bawat organisasyon, naging matagumpay ang pagdiriwang nito. Maraming mag-aaral ang dumalo at nakipag saya sa araw na iyon. Ang mga dekano  at ang mga propesor ay dumalo rin sa pagtitipon.

Nagbigay ng pambungad na pananalita si G. Willie L. dela Cruz.  Ang mga piling mag-aaral sa Filipino 101 ay nagsagawa ng tableau na nagpakita ng kanilang angking galling.

Nagbahagi naman ng kaalaman ukol sa pagpapahalaga sa buwan ng wika si G. Victor E. Alfonso. Isang presentasyon naman ang ipinakita sa mga taga panuod na may kaugnayan sa pagpapahalaga ng buwan ng wika na ginawa ng mga piling mag-aaral. May mga pampasiglang bilang ang bawat departamento ng antas tersyarya.

Bago nag umpisa ang iba’t-ibang patimpalak, ipinakilala ni Gng. Elsa C. Tuzaon ang mga lupon ng inampalan na sina Gng. Nina Delas Armas, G. Jason Carlos, at Gng. Nancy Lanuza. Ang pangulo ng samahan ng mga may karangalan na si Bb. Lourdes Mamon at ng Chefs na si Bb. Patricia Lyn Kilderry nagpaliwanag ng alituntunin ng bawat patimpalak.

Ang mga Patimpalak ay ang mga sumusundi: Patimpalak sa Musikang Pinoy (Isahan); Patimpalak sa Musikang Pinoy (Dueto); Patimpalak sa Nakahandang Talumpati; Patimpalak sa Biglaang Talumpati; Patimpalak sa Masining na pagkukwento. Matapos ang lahat ng patimpalak, iginawad nina Dr. Paz H. Diaz, G. Victor E. Alfonso, Gng. Elsa C. Tuazon, G. Willie L. Dela Cruz.

Ang bawat pangulo ng samahan ay nagtulong-tulong upang maging maayos at maisakatuparan ang selebrasyon ng Buwan ng Wika. Sana ay patuloy na suportahan ang mga isasagawang palatuntunan sa ating paaralan.

TED Recognition

Students whose grades made it to the President’s List and the Dean’s List for thissemester of School Year 2015-2016 were honored on August 6, 2015 at Roosevelt College Cainta, Bahay ng Alumni.

Dr Paz H Diaz, Vice President, Academics, welcomed the parents and students present with her Opening Reflections.

Selected Tertiary Education students performed intermission numbers.

Ms. Maricel Burgos, a consistent President’s Lister, gave her Testimony, indicating how the pursuit of excellence is not only a must but also very attainable if students give ample time to their studies, assignments, and school work. Alma Alair had a message for co-parents and students regarding how important it is for students and parents to work hard to achieve their goals.

In his Closing Remarks, Mr. Willie Dela Cruz, Adviser of the RCS Honors Society, advised the students and parents to trust in themselves and challenged them to be in the Recognition Program next semester, SY 2015-2016.

Maricel Burgos
Jan Ross Gonzales
Roger Alair Jr.
Nel Anthonette Cavite
Jefferson Waje
Datchys Mones
Maribeth Benitez
Joyce Javier
Hazel Santos
Jhon Paul Lecaros
Dianne Jane Barrion
Timothy Joseph Aranas
Krhysstel Shane Avena
Academic Scholars
Erika Pauline Geli
Trisha Anne Lerit
Brian Olano
Rachelle Buenaventura
Richelle Buenaventura
Maria Toni Rose Bista
Jasmin Mega Ortega
Adrian Estavillo
Glory May Casildo
Ralph Narral
Diana Marin
Aubrey Lavern Reyes
Jen Nherachelle Mabalot
Mary Joy Suarez
Mary Pearl Amparado
Er Jhon Russel Marquez
Margarita Florencio

Tertiary Acquaintance Party 2015

It is an annual event of Roosevelt College Tertiary Education Division to welcome all the Freshmen and transferees, These year theme is “Rendevouz”.

This event was held last July 31, 2015, Friday, 6:00pm at the 3rd level of Marikina Hotel. The event was hosted by the Institute of Computer Studies. Below are the details of the event:

* Ticket Price: 350.00php

*Inclusion: Eat all you can dinner, raffles, souvenirs

*Motif: “Party outfit”

 Author:  Miss. Puline Krizel Kei dela Cruz – IV BSIT