The Early Childhood Education sophomores of the Center for Teacher Education organized a seminar last March 2, 2015 at the Bahay Alumni from 9am to 12pm. This seminar is part of the Personal and Social Development Program which hopes to help students develop self esteem and gain competence with their social skills.

       This year, noted guest speaker, Mr. Richard Joson graced the event with his wit and refreshing candor. Mr. Joson spent his elementary and high school years at the Ateneo de Manila University and obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering at the University of the Philippines. Ebong, as he is popularly known in the industry, heeded his artistic calling and became a theater and Indie film actor. He is also a voice talent- having done more than 1000 television and radio commercials for various products and shows. He was head of marketing and communications for the Philippine Football Federation (Team Azkals). Currently, he is Match Commissioner for the Asian Football Confederation and CEO of two companies, PSSI which is a local broadcast content company and Silver Star Century Group which is an offshore company.

        Mr. Joson’s talk focused on the Art of Communication and the Social Self. He mentioned that perception of ourselves and of others affect the way we communicate. This is because 85 percent of the way we communicate is through our body language and only 15 percent are our utterances. He added that listening to what people say, how they say it and how their bodies react to you will define your success in communication. The content of what we say is learned in school and through reading. It is not enough that you can speak in English, but you have to intend to speak perfectly. The only way this will happen is if we practice perfectly and if we change the way we communicate. Students may begin small changes regularly by practicing speaking in English with their friends (like an English only Wednesday) and changing the way we send text messages. The speaker also warned the students about being too intimate and personal in their use of social media; that whatever you cannot say out loud in the midst of a crowd, should not be posted on Facebook or Twitter as this may haunt you.

           ECE adviser, Prof. Karen Gan Pineda, then talked about Self Talk and the way we communicate with ourselves. She said that what we say to ourselves, whether positive (“You can do it!”) or negative (“You’re not good enough”), affect our emotions which affects our behavior and affects the results or consequence of our actions. She mentioned the importance of speaking to oneself with kindness as one would speak to their friends and loved ones. This is easier said than done especially if bad things are happening around us. So we should find things we should be thankful for everyday and this will change the way you communicate with your self.

          CTE Professor, Mr. Del Rosario and Guidance Councilor, Ms. Herrera later awarded a certificate of appreciation to our guest speaker for his inspiring and interactive seminar.

       This seminar was organized by the sophomores of EC 107 namely,Khylla Grey, Rezy Gregorio, Cherrie Misuela, Gilda Cesista, Gabrielle Jaime, Monique Calivo and Jean Magalang.

Written By:
Prof. Karen Pineda
CTE-Early Childhood Education /SPED Adviser