I was tasked to speak in front of you this afternoon and talk about my experiences as a college student. But you know what? I’m just a normal student like all of you. I worry about test results and hate term papers. I get zits from stress and restlessness. My life as a student is extraordinarily ordinary. So I won’t be talking about my experiences as a student because I can’t tell you something you already know. But I’m thinking that instead of sharing “memories” with you, I would just share my own set of tips on how to be a super student. I’m not much of a super student myself but these are what I’ve learned and accumulated over the years. So here are my top three ways on how to survive college without losing your sanity.

One: Manage your time properly. They say “time is gold”. And the poet Robert Frost said that “nothing gold can stay”. So that means, applying the rules of logic, that time cannot stay. Time wasted is time that we can’t claim back. One of the keys to be a successful person is managing one’s time wisely. Students should know their priorities. Once we set our priorities straight and schedule our works properly, we won’t cram. We can apply our skills to their full potential. It will lessen our stress. We can actually have more free time if we know what to and what not to do first. So learn to set your priorities and manage your time properly.

Two: Be open to new ideas. Don’t lock yourself up in boxes that won’t get you anywhere. Take every class as opportunities to grown mentally, socially and emotionally. To be honest, I don’t like studying. I don’t like staying up late reviewing and taking tons of notes till my brain cries and my hand bleeds. I don’t like studying but I like learning. I like knowing a lot of things. I like learning that’s why I love to read – even the nutritional facts table at the back of food boxes I read, because you never know how much calories you can get from a chocolate chip cookie. There are many ways to learn – read, listen to your professors, attend seminars, talk to people, ask questions. Always, always, always ask questions. I always say that the only way to survive a boring class is to ask questions. Be curious. Contrary to the popular belief, curiosity doesn’t kill the cat; curiosity makes the cat wiser… and then the cat eventually dies of old age or of some freak accident. Be open to new ideas and grow as a person.

And lastly, have fun. Life in school should be considered as one of the best moments of our lives. Be inspired. Find inspiration in everything and hold on to that inspiration till you make it through the day. Sabi nga nila, walang taong bobo, meron lang tamad. Sabi ko naman, walang taong tamad, meron lang  mga taong hindi inspired na kumilos. If we all find inspiration and happiness in what we do, we can be the best persons we can be. Have fun. Go out once in a while. You can still be a super student even if you play DOTA moderately, even if you attend parties from time to time. I’m an honor student but I like watching movies, I have Instagram, and I fangirl every day. Have fun learning, because when you start to have fun, you start to like what you’re doing. And if you like what you’re doing, you will eventually be successful.

Good luck and be a super student. Thank you.


Written by:

Christine Faye Ordas
III-AB Broadcasting


CTE Sophomores (Early Childhood Education majors) organized a seminar entitled “Presenting the Best You” on March 3, 2014 at the Bahay ng Alumni from 9am to 12pm. This seminar was held to enhance the students’ personality, including proper posture, good grooming, and creating a good first impression. It focused on how the students should present themselves as future educators.

CTE’s gracious Dean, Dr. Lily de Guzman, warmly welcomed the distinguished personalities who spoke at the seminar: Ms. Marina A. S. Benipayo and Mr. Ricardo Cepeda. Ms. Marina Benipayo is a fashion model, an actress, an image enhancement trainer and self-growth management speaker and lecturer at the School of Fashion and Arts (SoFA). Mr. Ricardo Cepeda is a well known television and movie character actor, a fashion model, a fitness trainer and nutrition speaker.

“The first four seconds of a meeting is the most important aspect in creating a lasting impression,” said Ms. Benipayo emphasized during her lecture. This is why one should present oneself well if one wants to create a good first impression.

The speakers also candidly talked about their personal experiences, making it easy for the students to relate with. They zeroed in on proper posture, good grooming and selecting clothes and accessories which would enhance the personalities of the students.

CTE Professor Elmer C. Del Rosario delivered an inspirational message to the students and Professor Karen Gan Pineda, discussed ways on improving one’s personality.

The seminar was successfully organized by Maranela Asuncion, Mary Jane Astronomo, Alyza Bracamonte, Sandra Ibuna, Joan Pradia and Jean Magalang as project for their EC 108 (Home School Relationship) and EC 107 (Personal and Social Development) classes.

The guests eagerly posed with the dean and the students for pictures after the seminar.


Written By:
Prof. Karen G. Pineda
Adviser, Early Childhood Development

RC Cubao Boy Scouts Attended the Q.C. Baden Powell Camp 2014

On February 22, 2014, the whole world celebrated the 157th Birthday of Lord Robert Baden Powell, the father of scouting. To celebrate his birthday, the Quezon City Council held a camp with the title “Baden-Powell Camp 2014.” It was held from February 21 to 23, 2014. It was a 3–day camping, which was attended by almost a thousand Boy Scouts from different schools in Quezon City.

The Roosevelt College Cubao Unit of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines enthusiastically joined “Baden-Powell Camp 2014.” Six 4th year students and 4 lowerclassmen with their unit leader, Mr. Edrian Pantas, attended the camp.

The delegates of RC Cubao were James Cajano, Jan Cyrus Matalog, Vincent Villacorta, Dave de Jesus, Resborne Lomboy, Joshua Castillo, Kent Villanueva, Ciazel Remolacio, Van Jugueta, and Nathaniel Raya.

The Baden-Powell Camp 2014 was organized so that Boy Scouts from all over Quezon City could think of Lord Robert Baden-Powell and thank him for having worked hard to organize Scouting throughout the world.

After taking the examinations in school on February 21, the RC Cubao Boy Scouts went off to La Mesa Dam BPI Compound for the camp. At exactly 2:55 P.M, they arrived at the campsite.

The campsite was filled with plenty of shady trees so the temperature was very cool. As the Boy Scouts arrived, they cleaned the area. Later, they put on their tents and had a rest. The opening ceremony was conducted at 7 PM in the activity area. The Boy Scouts from different districts had the chance to mingle and chat with each other before the opening ceremony.

The next day, February 22, was crammed with exciting activities. The Boy Scouts had to go to different bases to undertake these activities; namely, Camp Craft, Scout Skills, Scout Olympics, Scout Friendly Games, Team Building, and Emergency Preparedness. The Boy Scouts learned the true meaning of cooperation because some of the activities required teamwork as well as the buddy system. All the Boy Scouts showed their best effort and teamwork.

On Sunday, the Boy Scouts received their Certificates of Participation for having joined the camp. Then, at 12:00 PM, the RC Cubao Boy Scouts went home. As they went home, they brought the values they learned from the camp. This activity will be cherished by each one who attended the camp. The camp had taught the Boy Scouts the real value of friendship and brotherhood.

Indeed, for Roosevelt College Cubao, Boy Scouting has become a part of their life inside and outside school. The school encourages the Boy Scouts to have fun, learn new tactics and lessons, and feel the spirit of brotherhood. They learn that besides going on different adventures; it is also a way of showing love and concern for co-scouts as well as the people around us, including our families and our country in general.



On February 19, 2014 two important issues that affect new graduates and job seekers locally and for overseas were tackled by personnel from the Labor Education for Graduating Students and Anti-Illegal Recruitment

1.Mr. Antonio Dela Cruz of POEA detailed all the requirements needed in searching for jobs: documents, skills and opportunities for prospective OCWs;
a.) How to prepare CVs and arrangement of supporting documents.
b.) The procedure for securing passports.
c.) Reading Contracts or Job offer.
d.) How to avoid illegal recruiters.
e.) The do’s and don’ts of applying for job abroad.

2. Ms. Antonia S. Ang of DOLE discussed the current labor issues besetting local employment, conditions in terms of labor protection, the rights of worker, the security of tenure, the rational wages and salary craving;
a.) Working Time
b.) Overtime
c.) 13th month pay
d.) Social features like; SSS, Philhealth, Pag-ibig.
e.) The right of Regular and Probationary employee.
f.) The implication of CBA as with labor Law.

There were also questions and answers on issues on working conditions and tenures of employees.

Dean Victor E. Alfonso of CSBAE led the officers and faculty members present during the seminar. These included Mrs. Jenelyn L. Canapi, Chairman, ICBA; Mrs. Elsa C. Tuazon,
Guidance Counselor; Mrs. Corazon S.P. Labrado, OIC, Librarian- Marikina; Mr. Jose A. Blanza,
Adviser, Central Student Council; and Mr. Benjamin C. Lucero, Adviser, Managers Club.

Ms. Angelique Pearl Avena, President, Managers Club and Ms. Faye Ordas, President, Liberal Arts Society were the facilitators at the seminar while Ms. Raiza D. Corpin provided technical support.

Gemmily I. Balili
President , Central Student Council

Angelique Pearl Avena



The RCSHS’ yearly Sci-Math Fair, having the theme “Students Today, Scientists Tomorrow”, opened on February 6, 2014 at exactly nine o’clock in the morning. The opening ceremony was witnessed by the guests Dr. Paz Diaz, Vice-President for Academics, Roosevelt College System, Ms. Lourdes Quiogue, RC Cainta Campus Directress, and Dean Lily de Guzman, Dean, Center for Teacher Education.

















Science High  students once again showcased their Science Magic projects (Grade 7), Rube Goldberg machines (Grade 8), Research proposals (Third Year), and Research projects (Fourth Year). The primary guests were joined by judges Ms. Caridad Gicaraya, Physics Unit, Philippine Science High School, Diliman, and Ms. Bella Queaño, former Biology teacher, Ateneo de Manila High School.



















Students from Moriah School of Baptist Church were the first visitors at 10 am. Accompanied by their adviser, the students went from room to room scrutinizing the exhibits.








Simultaneously, students from the Roosevelt College Cainta High School also arrived. They did it by year level, the Seniors being the last.




















In the afternoon, four faculty members of Infant Jesus Academy, Marikina also paid a visit as the second judge examined the preparations made by the presenters.
“I felt a bit nervous. I remembered the time when we joined in a competition in Laguna (ASEP). I believed that the experience of attending the competition before somewhat helped me not to be very nervous. I just did the best that I could do. I was thankful to the judges for pointing out the mistakes in our research project that would make it better than before. Actually, kinabahan ako sa lahat,” Anna Lee Valenzuela, a Fourth Year Student, said.


The next day, selected students of San Roque National High School came at about nine o’clock in the morning.


























Three classes of grade 3 pupils from nearby Balanti Elementary School were jovially entertained by their Ate’s and Kuya’s as some ask about strange terms and scientific concepts used in different projects and proposals. Their enthusiasm and interest has also been very evident as they take down notes and things-to-remember.












Final judging of the Science Magic projects, Goldberg machines, and Research projects, as well as of the research proposals was conducted by Mr. Efren Paz, Chemistry teacher, Philippine Science High School, Diliman and RCSHS’s principal, Prof. Luzita Alcid.


Closing at four o’clock in the afternoon of February 7, the whole event was concluded as a successful one by the judges, parents, and visitors who spent their time witnessing the Science High students present and make use not only of their scientific prowess but also of their skills in communicating their ideas and insights.


List of Sci-Math Fair 2014 Winners:
Best Projects


Science Magic (Grade 7)
1st place – Jerome M. Javier, Get the Point
2nd place – John Kenneth Y. Asuncion, Paper Bridge is NOT Falling Down
3rd place – James Ariel Pedroza, Now You See Me, Now You Don’t


Rube Goldberg Machine (Grade 8)
1st place – Alliah Krizzle L. Garcia and Kin Rowen Dulay, Journey to School
2nd place – Franz Eivoj Tannagan, Fiery Heist
3rd place – Richelle Macy Magabilin and Arjan M. Trinidad, Journey to the Forbidden Cove


Third Year
1st place – Patricia Anne Y. Asuncion, “The Use of Phosphoric Clay as a Natural Flocculant Algaecide in Controlling Harmful Algal Blooms”
1st place – Andrei Armani A. Adame, Water hyacinth (eichhornia crassipes): Substrate for Plant Microbial Cells
2nd place – Jon Gabriel P. Villanueva,
3rd place – Ram Oliver B. Mauro,


Fourth Year
1st place – Romeo Paolo D. Esquillo, Veronica B. Escalona, and Patricia Marie G. Tengco
“Harnessing Electricity from Chicken Manure Using Microbial Fuel Cell”
2nd place – Anna Lee Q. Valenzuela and Kim Daleen C. Diamante
“Absorption of Hexavalent Chromium in Water Using Fish Bones of Milkfish”
3rd place – Abner John H. Hinanay, Christian Joshua A. Lacerna, and Andrew C. Lazaro
“Absorption of Copper Ions in an Aqueous Solution Using Snake Plant with Activated Carbon”


The graduating students of Roosevelt College Cainta & Marikina in the Tertiary Education Division, Institute of Business Administration experienced a mock interview through the initiative of the HRDMO Officer of RCS, Mrs. Nina Frances Delas Armas.

The Mock Interview was held at the Dean’s Office, RC Cainta on February 3-4, 2014 from 8:30-12:00PM with the following schedule:

February 3, 2014, Monday – Students from the Hotel and Restaurant Management (HRM)

Students from Business Management and Public Administration

February 4, 2014, Tuesday – Students from Business Administration major in Human Resource Development Management & Operations Management

During the interview, everyone looked gorgeous and beautiful in their corporate or business attire. All of them felt excited, curious, and quite nervous.

It was a one on one interview; each one was given 10 minutes to answer the interview questions of the HRD. After everybody was interviewed, a follow-up talk was done by Mrs. Delas Armas at Room 206 with the assistance of Mr. Peps Samson.

The students learned much from the experience. They commented that attending this mock interview gave them a chance to be with the HRD. They commented that the experience gave them a glimpse of what they should know when they face the real world in the near future.

Some of the salient points that were discussed by Mrs. Delas Armas are the following:

  1. Lessons from the Real World
  2. Love what you’re doing…..or at least like it.
  3. Attitude spells the difference
  4. Recognize opportunities
  5. Build bridges not walls
  6. Balance
  1. Areas that each one should know:
  1. Knowing yourself
  2. Knowing the world you’re in
  3. Be diligent in making decisions
  4. Getting to the real issue
  1. Things to remember in a workplace
  2. Goleman’s 5 domains of emotional intelligence
  3. How to handle criticisms
  4. Five Pillars of Commitment
  1. FOCUS
  1. Three simple rules in life
  1. If you do not go after what you want, you’ll never get it.
  2. If you do not ask, the answer will always be no.
  3. If you do not step forward, you will always be in the same place.


The students who attended this mock interview and PowerPoint presentation of the HRDMO Officer said that this was very fruitful, inspiring, motivating, enlightening and encouraging.

They were very thankful because they have been a part of this two-day mock interview. They were grateful to the school because for preparing them not only to learn skills, knowledge, and values but also for preparing them to become successful employees one day through this presentation of Mrs. Nina Frances P. Delas Armas.

Some of the words of advice that struck most the students are the following:

  • Integrity is doing the right thing when there is no one watching.
  • To be successful you don’t need beautiful face and heroic body, what you need is skillful mind and ability to perform.
  • There are people born to belittle others. Never let these people be a source of your insecurity. Prove them wrong by being excellent in what you do.

To Mrs. Nina Frances Delas Armas, we salute you. Thank you so much for your time and effort that you have extended to the Institute of Business Administration. More Power Mam!


By: Mrs. Jenelyn L. Canapi
Program Chair
Institute of Business Administration


After the three batches of the University of Santo Tomas Entrance Tests, the results became available last January 28, 2014. Some exceptional Rooseveltians have topped the entrance tests. Here are some of them


1. TAN, Katrina R.


2. TOLENTINO, Renzo M.





3. VILLACORTA, Vincent C.





The Central Student Council, led by its President, Ms. Gemmily I. Balili, conducted a marketing campaign from January 27 to February 10, 2014 to invite High School graduates from RCS units to enroll in the Tertiary Education Level of RCS.


Together with the students and officers of different institutes and supported by the adviser of central student council Mr. Jose A. Blanza, the chairman of IBA Mrs. Jennelyn L. Canapi, the adviser of INHE Ms. Rovie Gonzales, the chairman of ICSE Mr. Julius C.  Abarra, and the Guidance Counselor Mrs. Elsa Tuazon and of course the two supportive faculty members, Mrs. Teresita V. Lopez and Mrs. Elizabeth S. Veridiano.


Ms. Francheska Reyes, Mr. Joseph Mallapre, Ms Rodelyn Pagcaliwanagan, Ms. Kayecel Latorre and Ms. Kim Dredd Maghanoy performed some intermission numbers to entertain the students.


The marketing visit covered five branches of Roosevelt College System High Schools (Rodriguez, San Mateo, Marikina, Cainta and Cubao). The students were encouraged to enroll in Roosevelt College Marikina and Cainta in the courses currently being offered. Students were informed of the different courses and activities in the Tertiary Level.


The high school students were amazed when they saw the variety of activities happening in the Tertiary Education Division of the RCS.


January 27, 2014 (RC Cainta)


RC RODRIGUEZ (January 28, 2014

January 28, 2014 (RC RODRIGUEZ)


RC SAN MATEO (January 29, 2014)


RC MARIKINA (February 3, 2014)


RC CUBAO (February 10,2014)


KOREAN EXHANGE: January 8, 2014

This year, the KOREAN EXCHANGE EXPERIENCE was held on January 8, 2014.

For the past three years now, some young people from Korea have been visiting Roosevelt College Marikina and Cainta. This visit was just as exciting and full of fun as the visits from previous years.

During their visit last January 8, the Korean students taught the RCS college students how to speak some Korean words. They also shared ideas about their Korean culture. In return, the RCS college students taught the Koreans some Tagalog words, aspects of Filipino culture, and some Filipino games.

This interaction is a part of student learning on how to behave when encountering other students from different cultures, speaking different languages and reacting differently from how Filipinos would do. Students from both cultures learned to cope with the diminishing gap between cultures driven by the growing globalization of personal, cultural, and educational interaction.

It is a global project that needs to be pursued not only by Roosevelt College System, but also the entire educational system of all countries.


Written by:

Ms. Gemmily Balili

President, Central Student Council