December 10, 2013, marked a milestone for the Hotel and Restaurant Management Program of the Roosevelt College System. Through the initiatives of Mrs. Nina Frances P. delas Armas, HRDMO Officer of RCS, and her colleague, Ms. Nessie Guillo, RCM Alumnus, the very successful event took place at the RC Cainta Alumni Center.

Renowned “Master Mixologist” Mr. Ronaldo “Doods” O. Dayto, who is responsible for innovations in Cocktail Mixing and famous liquor brands like ABSOLUT VODKA, and the man and mind behind famous Bars in the Metro, facilitated the free Bar and Mixology Seminar which was attended by more than 80 participants – students, faculty members, and school officials.

Mr. Doods discussed stories on how alcohol drinking started in the Philippines and how it evolved throughout the years. He very generously shared his knowledge on current techniques in coming up with the perfect cocktail mix. He showcased his expertise as exemplified by his signature drinks, including Doods Lemon Drop, Choc-Nut Martini and Tinola Martini, which won in a competition held in London.

HRM Students, members of the CHEFS Society, and Secondary students from 3rd and 4th Years experiences hands-on mixing and tasting of the drinks.

School officials present were led by Mr. Victor E. Alfonso, Dean of CSBAE, Ms. Lourdes Quiogue, Directress and Administrative Supervisor of RC Cainta, and Mrs. Carlota Casalme, Guidance Counselor, RC Cainta, Basic Education Department, Mrs. Jenelyn Canapi, Chair of HRM Program, Mr. Christopher A. de Asis, and Mrs. Annaliza Santos, faculty members of HRM. Class Advisers of the High School students were also present.

Sincerest gratitude and appreciation are extended to them. Everyone is now looking forward to the next exciting and fruitful seminars in 2014!

By Mr. Christopher A. de Asis, Adviser, CHEFS Society



10 – Year Service Awardee


Mr. Eduardo Janolino is a picture of good health, vitality, and well being; not getting younger but looking younger. He never considers his work a menial job; it is, in fact, for him, a very decent job. He performs all his obligations to the best of his abilities. Each time a task is assigned to him, he readily accepts it, with no “ifs” and “buts”. He may not be a man of many words, but his outputs speak of who really he is. His 10 years of service to Roosevelt College Rodriguez will always be treasured and remembered by the school populace. We salute you “Kuya Amay”.


15 – Year Service Awardees

DR. MARNIE E. JOSE – School Dentist

Dr. Marnie was not born to worry in this world but to live happily. For her, worry is an uninvited guest that spoils and ruins all the fun in life, the times when we are feeling triumphant or filled with hope. The best recourse for her is to wear a smile always at all times and in every occasion. Laughter for her is a glorious gift, so her philosophy is: live life to the fullest, love with all of your heart and laugh as heartily as you can. These are just some of the many gems of thoughts of our school dentist. Every time you visit her in the clinic, she will share with you with so many gems and that is the reason why everyone in school loves her very much. For her, healthy teeth indeed make a person show a healthy smile. You are indeed an inspiration to all of us, Dr. Marnie Jose.



Jovy is a Rooseveltian at heart. She is a graduate of Roosevelt Memorial High School (Montalban Campus) in 1994 and finished her BEED degree in 1998 at RC Cainta’s Center for Teacher Education (CTE). When she joined the teaching force of Roosevelt College Rodriguez 15 years ago, Teacher Jovy never thought that she would stay this long as a teacher. Her dedication to work keeps her growing as an educator. Proofs of this are her Most Outstanding Teacher awards and the high regard accorded to her by her superiors and fellow teachers. She is happily married for ten years to Renan and they are blessed with three wonderful children: Renz, Regina, and Rogelyn.


20 – Year Service Awardees


Systematic, intelligent, and optimistic are words that describe Ma’am Tess, according to her co-workers. This pretty lass is a Rooseveltian by heart. She finished her high school, college and graduate studies in Roosevelt College consistently as a scholar and an honor student. The school has equipped her well for when she took the Professional Board Exams for Teachers in 1993, she ranked 9th nationwide. These have been instrumental in her fast climb in the RC System organizational ladder. Her exemplary performance as teacher, researcher, assistant head and academic supervisor was key in her becoming the youngest school head in the history of the RC System. Her educational qualifications and extensive experience in management made RC Rodriguez Elementary Education Department grow strong under her management. She is passionate about the education of the youth, believing in providing an environment where individuals are valued and nurtured to bring out their best. Despite her accomplishments and hectic schedule, Ma’am Tess remains a loving wife to her husband of 16 years, Mr. Dheo Angeles, and a hands-on mom to two handsome boys, Dither and Jethro.



Teacher Dhora is simple yet full of life. This amiable woman originally started her teaching career at RC Cubao and was consequently transferred to RC Rodriguez in the Elem. School Department. Being modest, honest, and efficient and loving, she has become successful in her chosen profession as she now reaches her 20th year of service. Dhora tries to work systematically for she intends to accomplish things perfectly and on time for her family and the school. She is approachable, friendly, and obedient to her superiors. These qualities make her an efficient molder of young people especially, her pupils and her own two children as well.


MR. FELIPE A. MALLABO – Faculty, English

In his 20 years of service at Roosevelt College Rodriguez, he has gained better insights and deeper understanding about student’s psyche’s and personalities. He has the charisma of motivating students to succeed in school and in the long run in life. He is a visual aid personified, he grooms himself properly, proper haircut, clean nails, well combed hair, shiny shoes and perfect fit attire. He is a portrait that displays expression, personality and mood. He truly cares for his students and exhibits empathy as he tries to see the world through his student’s eyes. He treats his students as Christ’s children, makes friends with them, is unselfishly interested in them, and helps them get over the rough places in life. His passion for reading makes him a ready man. In a nutshell, he uses every opportunity to teach students in the name of LOVE.


25 – Year Service Awardees

MRS. ROSANA D. ALARILLA – Faculty, Science

A vast range of knowledge, ability, skill, judgment, and understanding are strong weapons possessed by our awardee. In addition, she has a focused mind, a flexible heart, and a soul teeming with concern about the students. She motivates her students to translate her lessons into lifelong learning. She is a firm believer that good classroom management pre supposes mutual understanding between her and the students. In fact, she never curtails the freedom of the students for doing this is the same as closing the doors and barring them from accepting the opportunities for their growth. She creates greater change in the lives of the students. Our service awardee has metamorphosed from a classroom teacher to a great and prolific home pedagogue.



Anna Belle, a native of Rodriguez, has spent more than a half of her life in Roosevelt College. She attended high school and college in Roosevelt College and served the school for 25 years after her graduation. Though a single mom, she was able to handle life with three kids by herself. Her strong faith in the Lord made her fix her eyes and spiritual life to serving GOD. For her, it’s not only material possessions that can make someone happy in this world; more important is becoming a true minister of God in all faithfulness. Her guiding words are written in Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not in your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.”



No one will ever question the industriousness and commitment of our 25-year service awardee. She may not be performing a white collar job, but still, she puts so much dignity in her work. Despite her meager remuneration, she was able to give the best education to her children, her ultimate legacy to them. Her best weapon in life is her steadfast faith in God. She sees to it that in everything she does, God is always the first. Verily, Ate Mercy will be in a gold star once she decides to enjoy her solitary life.


MRS. CHERYL P. TAGLE – Faculty, Mathematics

Bring out the best among the students is the burning philosophy of Ma’am Che Tagle. Though from the very start, she knew that no one would get rich from teaching, she is adamant that teaching will be her legacy that will matter in the end. For her, teachers are like engineers that build the character of people, they are like prophets that lay the foundation for tomorrow. She sees to it that no one is left behind in her class. She wants all students to grow as a class and that is why she is dearly loved not just by her students but their guardians as well.


30 – Year Service Awardees


He belongs to the upper echelons of teachers in Roosevelt College Rodriguez in terms of teaching competencies. As a computer teacher, he displays accuracy and precision in dealing with his students. These characteristics paved the way for his designation as a prefecture of the school. Sir Pabs strongly believes that the school must be a home where students are nourished, nurtured and cared for, in accordance with its mission. He further emphasizes that “Nothing should stunt and deter the growth of the students”. His current position as prefecture of the school is a very vivid proof of his exemplary performance in the school. In fact, students do not fear him, but respect him because of his own subtle ways of treating students who need his attention.


MS. MARIE GRACE M. AZURIN – Faculty, Mathematics

In everything she does, excellence is the name of the game. This is a description strongly attributed and credited to Ma’am Grace. Her voice inside the classroom is like music that resonates within the hearts and minds of her students. With her mathematical acumen and adroitness, she makes the subject very easy for her students. These are some of the many attributes attached to Teacher Grace. Thirty years ago, the charismatic and ecstatic smile of Teacher Grace has been visible, and even up to now, she easily shows her grace and love. It has never waned; it has even become more enthralling and magical. Absolutely, Ma’am Grace was created by God to mold and melt the young minds of the students. Thank you Teacher Grace for inspiring not only the students but also all of us, your co-workers here in school.


MRS. ELENITA R. JAVIER – Clerk, Director’s Office

True to her commitment as a clerk at the Director’s Office for the past 30 years, Mrs. Lennie Javier has shown her unrelenting support to all the teaching and non teaching personnel of the school. Because of this, she is dearly loved and esteemed by her everyone. Her very systematic way of keeping files and pecuniary concerns is done with so much passion and “gusto”. She always has a ready hand, an open mind and a forgiving heart. If ever she is faced by the onslaught of fear and depression, she clings to our Almighty God, her bedrock at all times. For her it’s not the quantity of years that matters but it is the quality of service she extends to the clientele of the school.


MR. AVELINO L. SANTOS – Faculty, Mathematics

Begin the day with a smile and everything else follows. This is the guiding principle of Sir Ave Santos who has served the school for the past 30 years. Without an iota of doubt he is a precious diamond in this school. He has brought fame and prestige to his revered school from school, to district, and even to national events. He always has a jovial mood and hearty conviviality uniquely Ave’s style. Sir Ave rekindles in the students their passion for numbers, for if you love math, math will love you in return. He always emphasizes that there must be a symbiotic relationship between the math teachers and the students, so that a better academic output is achieved. Sir Ave, a million thanks to you for sharing with us incredible joy, laughter, and good memories. We salute you sir.



Ma’am Delia Vicente is not just a teacher in mind but also a teacher in heart and spirit. As a teacher, she never fails to impart filial devotions and piousness to our Creator. One of her outstanding qualities is her fair and gentle treatment of her students. She goes beyond boundaries just to reach her students but of course without invading their privacies. She is a strong believer that learning style can be attributed to student’s own thinking, sensing, feeling, and intuition. Indeed Ma’am Del is very pivotal in instilling love for learning in the hearts and minds of the students.


35 – Year Service Awardee


Thirty five years ago, as a novice at Roosevelt College System, her superiors already knew that she would be a very potent and efficacious teacher in Roosevelt College. True enough, she has proven her worth. She never shows nonchalance to her students, instead, she mothers them as best as she can. She is gets very excited when she sees the technological inclinations of her students. She never shows tiredness in all her assigned tasks; instead, she does them with enthusiasm, vigor, and zest. Retirement seems to be knocking at her door now, but she never entertains it, for teaching is her love, her life, and her destiny. Mrs. Rosana Salvador, despite her six years of stay here at Roosevelt College, will always be cherished and treasured not just by her students but also her co-employees as well.


45 – Year Service Awardee


45 Years of Exemplary Service is already a feat in itself. Commitment to her profession, passion for her work, and rapport with her co-employees are some of the many attributes of our lone 45 year service awardee. She never entertained the possibility of leaving her Secondary, College and Post College Alma Mater. It is just a normal occurrence that sometimes she encounters depression and stress in her work; nevertheless, these are not hindrances to her eager and loving performance of her job as registrar in our school. During these times, she always looks back at her glorious days at Roosevelt College System, her strong family and her indomitable spirit, which keep her up on her toes in everything she does. Truly, Ma’am Rico offers a wonderful legacy to RCS, worthy of emulation and immortalized in our collection of memories. Hats off to you Ma’am Rico; may you continue to be a blessing to others as you are now to all of us.


(Written by Dr Paz H Diaz, VPA)




For the whole day of January 30, 2014, Academic, Literary, and Musical Contests will be held at the RC Marikina Covered Court.


From 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon, the Academic contests called “PASIKLABAN” will be held, sponsored by the DIWA Learning Systems Inc.


The Literary contests will take place from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m., with the following up for grabs:

Elementary students: Contest 1 – Pagkukuwento; and Contest 2 – Declamation

Secondary students: Contest 1 – Pagsasatao; and Contest 2 – Extemporaneous Speech

Tertiary students: Contest 1 – Oration; and Contest 2 – Tula

Finally, the Musical Vocal Solo Contests will be held from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m.

There will be (a) Kids Edition – EED; (b) Teens Edition (SED); and Collegiate Edition (TED)


The whole day will mark the harvesting of honors and accolades for distinguished and excellent performances.


Good luck and have fun, everyone!


(Written by Dr Paz H Diaz, VPA)



No less than the Mayor of the Municipality of Rodriguez, Honorable Cecilio C. Hernandez, together with his Municipal Councilors, led in celebrating the culminating program that marked the 51st Anniversary Celebration of RC Rodriguez on November 29, 2013. The Honorable Councilors Roger N. Frias, Richard M. Buizon, Rommel Ayuson, Katrina R. Leyva, Arman Leo Angeles, and Roderick Lazarte attended.


In his statement, Mayor Hernandez congratulated RC Rodriguez on its 51st Founding Anniversary, saying, “A celebration like this is rare and unique.” He pointed out that some institutions may go up to 30 years, but rarely does one go over 50 years, and counting


The event was held in the Activity Hall of the Secondary Education Department Building, with school administrators, alumni, faculty members, parents, and students joining in the celebrations.


At 1:00 p.m., Reverend Father Rowie R. Reyes, Parish Priest of the Our Lady of Most Holy Rosary Parish celebrated the Holy Mass. In his homily, he congratulated RC Rodriguez for the length of time it has dedicated itself to the education and upbringing of the children in the Municipality of Rodriguez. He likened RC Rodriguez to be a second home for these children where they can grow up in the best possible manner surrounded by teachers and staff who shower them with attention and love. He also thanked the school administrators for constantly being cooperative and genuinely involved in the activities of the Parish for the past four years that he has been Parish Priest.


The Mass Commentator was Mrs. Leonila M. Santos, while the First Reading was read by Mrs. Maria Teresa S. Angeles. Miss Marie Grace M. Azurin led the singing of the Psalm while Mrs. Clemencia G. Rico led the Prayers of the Faithful. Gifts and flowers from Central Office Management, EED and SED Management and Staff, Faculty, Students, PGTA, and Alumni were offered at the Mass.


After the Mass, the Recognition Program for awardees began at 2:30 p.m. The hosts for the program were Mrs. Zenaida B. Sabater and Mr. Felipe A. Mallabo. Highlights of the program included the recognition of successful Alumni; namely, Arlene C. Villanueva, M.D., Ryan A. Moria, M.D., and Harvey C. Tan; and recognition of Alumni Achievers; namely, Co-Neil R. Relato, M.D., John Lorenze B. Ramirez, Engineer, who recently passed the Board Examinations for Civil Engineering, and Lorenze Christoffer S. Marasigan.


Faculty members who received best performance awards from the Human Resource Development and Management Officer, Mrs. Nina Frances P. delas Armas, were the following:

  1. Miss Marie Grace M. Azurin
  2. Mr. Avelino L. Santos
  3. Mrs. Rosana D. Alarilla


From the Information and Communication Technology Office, recommended by Dr. Paz H Diaz, Vice President, Academics, and Mr. Angelito S. Lerit, ICTO Coordinator, a Certificate of Recognition was awarded to Mr. Jaypee A. Sumalinog for his dedication, love for his job, organized and systematic way of working, and thoroughness as Computer Technician in RC Rodriguez for the past two years.


From the RC Rodriguez Directress, Mrs. Carmencita V. Alcantara, and the Academic Supervisor, Mrs. Leonila M. Santos, the following were recognized for their outstanding performance as faculty members in the Secondary Education Department.

    1. Miss Marie Grace M. Azurin
    2. Mrs. Zenaida B. Sabater
    3. Mrs. Rosana D. Alarilla
    4. Mrs. Eliza A. Benaid
    5. Mr. Avelino L. Santos
    6. Mr. Pablo E. Asuncion
    7. Miss Ma. Arra B. Santos


The Service Awardees were then honored with a glass plaque of recognition and cash awards.

10 – Year Service Awardee

Mr. Eduardo Janolino – Maintenance, SED

15 – Year Service Awardees

Dr. Marnie E. Jose – School Dentist

Mrs. Jovelyn S. Bulanon – Faculty, EED

20 – Year Service Awardees

Mrs. Maria Teresa S. Angeles – Principal, EED

Mrs. Rhodora F. Adriano – Faculty, EED

Mr. Felipe A. Mallabo – Faculty, English, SED

25 – Year Service Awardees

Mrs. Rosana D. Alarilla – Faculty, Science, SED

Ms. Anna Belle D. Estanislao – Faculty, English, SED

Mrs. Mercedita P. Macapia – Maintenance, SED

Mrs. Cheryl P. Tagle – Faculty, Mathematics, SED

30 – Year Service Awardees

Mr. Pablo E. Asuncion – Faculty, TLE/ICT

Ms. Marie Grace M. Azurin – Faculty, Mathematics, SED

Mrs. Elenita R. Javier – Clerk, Director’s Office, SED

Mr. Avelino L. Santos – Faculty, Mathematics, SED

Mrs. Delia M.Vicente – Faculty, TLE/ICT, SED

35 – Year Service Awardee

Mrs. Rosana F. Salvador – Faculty, TLE/ICT, SED

45 – Year Service Awardee

Mrs. Clemencia G. Rico – Registrar


The Response in behalf of all the Service Awards was delivered by Mrs. Clemencia G. Rico. Her response is in a separate article in the website.


The successful event ended with the serving of merienda cena and picture taking.


(Written by Dr. Paz H Diaz, VPA)



Dr. Paz H Diaz, Mrs. Nina Frances P. de las Armas, Mrs. Carmencita V. Alcantara, Mrs. Maria Teresa S. Angeles, Guests, Parents, fellow Rooseveltians, Friends, a pleasant afternoon.


In behalf of the 17 service awardees for this year, I would like to extend our deepest gratitude for having been trusted in the different fields of work and responsibilities by this prestigious academic institution. Saying “Thank you” is not enough to express our appreciation and made due return for all the chances and understanding of our administrators, colleagues, and students. We cannot just put into words our thankfulness but into actions of continuous commitment and dedication to our work for more years to come.


The first time I set foot at the doorstep of Roosevelt Marikina 45 years ago, being a young employee, I felt that I was really at the point of nothingness. I didn’t know how to start. I couldn’t assure myself how long would I be in this institution. But my superiors then were great hearted and never seem being impatient and tired in giving me advice in spite of my failures and shortcomings. Those experiences helped me develop confidence in the field of work and made me grow professionally from being a casual employee to Master’s degree holder handling sensitive positions in the Records Office. My superiors, colleagues, and family have been truly my inspirations for staying long at Roosevelt College.


I know that my fellow awardees have had the same treatment from their respective school heads and colleagues and even the others who have spent some years in the system. I’m sure that all of us had humble beginnings that were strengthened by the day-to-day trials in our respective fields of work. But we never gave up. Instead, we continued to search, to sharpen ourselves with ardent hope that our endeavor would bring great achievements to us and to the school as well.


I may not be that excellent in performing my job but I can be a living testimony of what Roosevelt College System is, in investing a luminous future to every student. We work as one family. Regardless of the position, no competition, no one is left behind, no rich nor poor, because we are tackling the same goal of serving the community with continuing commitment to provide quality, relevant, and responsive education to the youth.


The Plaque of Recognition we received today symbolizes our love for work and marks another beginning of our more serious commitment for fruitful services to Roosevelt College. The “best” we have done may not be enough to help the school survive from the economic challenges but it’s our promise to be better than the best we have exerted for the success of the Management’s plans, especially of being a fully accredited school.


With the help of the Almighty Father who never left us amidst trials, and with the never ending hope and courage He bestowed upon us, we will continue to light up the path for the next generations as long as our services are worthy for them.


To the Roosevelt College System and Management, we will forever praise your greatness and cherish your goodness to each one of us.







November 27-28-29, 2013, were red-letter days in Roosevelt College Rodriguez. With the theme: “Lakas Ng Katawan, Patuloy Ang Kaunlaran Para Sa K-12 Kinabukasan”, the campus celebrated the 51 years of existence of RC Rodriguez.

To ensure the success of the celebrations, Working Committees performed their jobs very well. These committees were made up of the following faculty members and staff of RC Rodriguez:


OVER-ALL CHAIR: Mrs. CARMENCITA V. ALCANTARA, Directress and Admin. Supervisor

CO-CHAIR: Mrs. Leonila M. Santos – Academic Supervisor

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEMBERS:Mrs. Clemencia G. Rico, Mrs. Corazon T. Ignacio, Ms. Zettiera Kamille A. Nuestro, Mrs. Imelda E. Cruz, Mr. Rommel A. Vega, Dr. Gabriel V. Mondala and Dr. Marnie E. Jose


Committee on Assembly / Security Permit/Foot Parade / Opening Ceremonies:

Chair: Mr. Benjamin S. Bernardo

Co-Chair: Mr. Daniel J. Belardo

Members: Mr. Gerold G. Caringal and all Organizational Advisers

Committee on Physical Arrangement/Accommodation/ Lights and Sounds

Chair:Mr. Rommel A. Vega

Members: Mr. Dante P. Macapia, Mr. Avelino L. Santos – BSP, Mrs. Teresita R. Aquino – GSP, Mr. Benjamin S. Bernardo – CAT, and all Maintenance Staff

Committee on Program/Invitation/Certificates

Chair: Mrs. Leonila M. Santos

Co-Chair: Mrs. Clemencia G. Rico

Members: Mrs. Aiza B. De Guzman, Mrs. Lennie R. Javier, Mrs. Elsa M. Martinez, Mrs. Zeny M. Ramos, Mr. Gerold G. Caringal, and Ms. Maizee T. Evangelista

Committee on Sound System/Palaro Materials etc.

Chair: Mr. Rommel A. Vega

Members: Mr. Dante P. Macapia, Mr. Jaypee A. Sumalinog, Mr. Rolly S. Esperanza, Mr. Eduardo C. Janolino, and Mr. Cristino T. Santos

Committee on Pictures and Documentations/Secretariat

Chair: Mr. Vincent Q. Aruta Jr

Members: Mr. Elvin Limuel M. Santos, Mrs. Maria Simonette C. Zamodio, RNG Studio

Committee on Foods and Prizes

Chair: Mrs. Imelda E. Cruz

Members: All Office Staff and All Maintenance Staff

Committee on Attendance Checking and Recording

Chair: Mrs. Corazon T. Ignacio

Members: Mrs. Lennie R. Javier and Mrs. Aiza B. De Guzman

Committee on Mass Demo/ Modern Dance Contest

Chair: Ms. Rochell C. San Buenaventura

Members: MAPEH Dept, All Organizational Advisers, and All Class Advisers

Committee on Sports

Chair: Mr. Benjamin S. Bernardo

Members: Mr. Daniel J. Belardo, Mr. Avelino L. Santos, Mrs. Eliza A. Benaid, Ms. Rochell C. San Buenaventura, and all Organizational Advisers

Committee on Palarong Pinoy

Chair: Ms. Maria Carvel P. Cawaling

Members: Mr. Gerold C. Caringal, Mrs. Eliza A. Benaid, Ms. Jorielyn V. Santos, Mrs. Gina S. Vicente, and Mrs. Joycey I. Abiera

Committee on Parangal at Pagkilala sa mga Naglingkod

Chair: Mrs. Leonila M. Santos

Co-Chair: Mrs. Clemencia G. Rico

Members: Mr. Rommel A. Vega, Mrs. Aiza B. De Guzman, Mr. Jaypee A. Sumalinog, and all Maintenance Staff

Committee on Reception / Usherettes (1st to 3rd day and Parangal at Pagkilala sa mga Naglingkod)

Chair: Mrs. Bella V. Carreon

Members: Ms. Ma Arra B. Santos, Ms. Jorielyn V. Santos, Ms. Lyka Janine M. Lorenzo, Ms. Madonna P. Fabre, Mrs. Eliza A. Benaid, Ms. Maizee T. Evangelista, Ms. Angelica A. Liad, Ms. Dorothy Anne A. Dalusong


Committee on Thanksgiving Mass

Chair: Mrs. Leonila M. Santos

Co-Chair: Mr. Raymund B. De Guzman

Members: Employees, Teachers, Student Alumni, Community Officers, and PGTA

Committee on Entrepreneurship

Chair: Mrs. Maricel D. Magalona

Co-Chair: Mrs. Cherryl P. Tagle

Members: Social Studies Teachers and TLE Teachers

Committee on Musical Contest, “Campus Quest 2013” by The Voice Academy of the Philippines

Chair: Mr. Avelino L. Santos

Members: Mrs. Aiza B. De Guzman and the RCR Glee Club

Committee on Eco King and Queen (SED)

Chair: Mrs. Rosana D. Alarilla

Members: Mrs. Regina M. Francisco, Mrs. Joyce R. Rances, Mrs. Zenaida B. Sabater, Ms. Madonna P. Fabre, and Ms. Ma. Arra B. Santos

Committee on Stage Decoration

SED Chair: Mr. Pablo E. Asuncion


Stage Arrangement for Opening Ceremonies: Mrs. Delia M. Vicente, Mrs. Rosana F. Salvador, Mrs. Teresita R. Aquino, and Mr. Gerold G. Caringal

Function Hall Stage Decoration:Mrs. Anna Belle D. Estanislao, Mrs. Gina S. Vicente, Mrs. Joycey I. Abiera, and Mrs. Joyce R. Rances

Layout Lettering: Mr. Jaypee A. Sumalinog, Mr. Vincent Q. Aruta Jr., and Mr. Dante P. Macapia

Cutting/Painting: Mr. Eduardo Janolino, Mr. Rolly S. Esperanza, and Mr. Cristino T. Santos

Cleanliness/ Orderliness: BSP / GSP/ CAT

Committee on Drum and Bugle Invitation

Chair: Mr. Jaypee A. Sumalinog

Co-Chair: All Organizational Advisers

Committee on Closing / Awarding Ceremonies

Chair: Mr. Benjamin S. Bernardo

Members: Mr. Hernanie A. Tan, Mr. Avelino L. Santos, Mr. Felipe A. Mallabo

Committee on Emergency Preparedness

Chair: Dr. Gabriel V. Mondala

Co-Chair: Dr. Marnie E. Jose

Members: Mrs. Connie C. Natividad – SED, Mrs. Ana Mae P. Flores – SED, Ms. Dhezil Jane C. Astillero – EED, ALISAKIT Club, Red Cross Council

(Written by Dr. Paz H Diaz, VPA)


Honorable Mayor Cecilio C. Hernandez, Members of the Sangguniang Bayan, Honorable Barangay officials, Mrs. Nina Frances P Delas Armas, Dr Paz H Diaz, our ever supportive and beloved Directress, Mrs. Carmencita V. Alcantara, our young and energetic Principal of the Elementary Education Department, Mrs. Ma Teresa Santos Angeles, successful alumni, alumni achievers, fellow office heads and teachers, service awardees, guests, students, good afternoon.


Today, we are to witness another testimony of how Roosevelt College Rodriguez shapes the future of the students, how it deserves this valuable service, dedication, and commitment of the employees, and how it becomes attractive to the clientele in Rodriguez and neighboring municipalities.


I want to share the poem I wrote entitled “A Teacher.” I revised the title and made it “Roosevelt.” The stanza goes: “Roosevelt has every reason to carry out its mission and vision. In it lie the builders of the nation; Roosevelt College is the pillar and strong foundation. Innumerable successful alumni have gone the extra mile and what makes them very inspiring is they never forget to visit their high school Alma Mater to say “A million thanks,” for without this institution, we might be in the verge of nothingness.”


To the alumni awardees, we are so proud of you being in the service to our needy community, for giving pride and honor to your Alma Mater and for being the same, humble and kind, as when you were still here in your high school days.


For the service awardees, and all the performers within RC Rodriguez, we salute you for the love, loyalty, support, dedication, and commitment you show every day to our beloved school.


To everyone here this afternoon, WELCOME to RC Rodriguez and to our Awards Ceremonies for this year!







With the Federation of Roosevelt College Alumni Association (FRCAA), Roosevelt College System’s Mini Olympics 2013 rolls out on December 5 and 6, 2013, at the Marikina Sports Park. The main objective of the event is to unify all the units of RCS with its active and enthusiastic alumni association members in celebrating towards sharing in the ideals and aspirations of the Olympic athlete whose motto is “Mens sana in corpore sano” – A healthy mind in a healthy body.


qweqweLeading the Working Committee that will supervise the Mini Olympics is the Over-All Chairperson, Mrs. Flordeliza S. Dizon, Directress and Admin Supervisor, RC Marikina. Her members include the school heads of all the units of RCS: Directresses and Admin Supervisors—Mrs. Carmencita V. Alcantara, RC Rodriguez SED; Mrs. Clarita S. Zantua, RC Cubao SED & EED; Mrs. Norita L. Lachencal, RC San Mateo SED & EED; Miss Lourdes B. Quiogue, RC Cainta SED; Principals—Mrs. Ma Teresa S. Angeles, RC Rodriguez EED; Mrs. Crisanta S. Motos, RC Cainta EED; and Mrs. Laura M. Moya, RC Marikina, EED.

In Charge of the Academic, Literary, and Musical (ACALITMUS) contests are Mrs. Norita L. Lachenal, Chair, and Mrs. Ma Teresa S. Angeles, Co-Chair. The contests will be held on January 30, 2014.


The Chairs of the different subcommittees for the event are the following: Physical Arrangements, Mrs. Crisanta S. Motos; Supplies and Equipment, Mr. Manuel S. Dela Paz; Sound Systems, Mr. Ramir Pascual; Opening Ceremonies, Mrs. Carmencita V. Alcantara; Opening Parade & Closing Program, Mr. Mike Ambrosio; Promotions/Awards/Finance, Mr. Conrado A. Gloria, Jr., President FRCAA; Medical/First Aid, Dr. Val A. Barcinal; Technical/Sports, Mr. Fernando P. Jorge, Jr; and Hip Hop Contest, Miss Lourdes B. Quiogue.


An Opening Parade will take place on December 5 starting at 6:00 a.m. The RC Drum and Bugle Corps will lead the parade of athletes from the 5 RCS units. Athletic Delegations and Tournament Officials will join the parade.


The Opening Program will begin promptly at 8:00 a.m. at the Marikina Sports Park, with RCS President, Mr. Romeo P. Dela Paz declaring the Opening of the Mini Olympics.


The Ceremonial Tossing of the First Ball in Basketball will be officiated by Honorable Del R. De Guzman, Mayor of Marikina City, Mr. Romeo P. Dela Paz, President, Roosevelt College System, and Mr. Conrado A. Gloria Jr., President, FRCAA.


Closing Ceremonies will be held on December 6, 2013, with Mr. Jayson B. Carag and Ms. Marisol C. Francisco as Masters of Ceremonies. Announcement of winners of the Hip Hop Competition and the Overall Olympics Champions will highlight the Closing Ceremonies.


(Written by Dr Paz H Diaz, VPA)


With the theme “Unifying Researches in Region IV-A (CALABARZON) Toward Global Standards”, the First CALABARZON Research Summit was held on November 20-22, 2013, at the Lyceum of the Philippines University – Cavite in General Trias, Cavite.

Dean Concesa V. Oandasan led the delegation from RCS Institute of Nursing and Health Sciences, which included Asst. Dean Geraldine B. Guiyab, Mrs. Grace G. Magno, and Ms. Rovie V. Gonzales.

The objectives of the convention were to enhance the capability of researchers to reach global standards; to harmonize research agenda; and to provide a venue for networking among HEIs in the conduct of research.

In his keynote speech, Dr. Ruperto Sangalang, CHED Commissioner (who spoke in behalf of Dr. Patricia Licuanan, CHED Chairperson) emphasized the strategic role of HEIs in our country to serve as a vehicle for poverty alleviation, human capital, technologically driven economic development, and global competitiveness. He enumerated the global challenges facing HEIs in the Philippines where we are in the lower 50% of the 148 economies worldwide in quality of scientific research, availability of engineers and scientists, government procurement of advanced technological products, and patent applications.

To address these challenges, the keynote speaker underscored the need to produce more R&D workers; the need to improve the research productivity of our R&D workers; and the need for massive investments in capacity building and actual R&D activities.

Dr. Jean Tayag, Director IV, Office of Planning, Research, and Information, CHED, then tackled CHED programs, projects and initiatives in research in answer to the challenges mentioned by the keynote speaker.

Dr. Tayag enumerated the CHED major initiatives to enhance HEI research; namely, the National Higher Education Research Agenda (NHERA-2) and the Disbursement Accreditation Program – Grants-in-Aid for Research Development and Extension of SUCs (DAP-GIA for SUCs RDE).

Improving HEIs’ capacity towards international competitiveness will be achieved through research capacity building programs like faculty development program; visiting Research Fellowship – Senior and Junior thesis grants; dissertation grants; and travel grants for paper presentation in international conferences.

To enhance the research productivity of HEIs, the Journal Accreditation Service is available. It is a mechanism by which a national standard for peer review and journal refereeing system can be implemented uniformly for all research journals published by Philippine HEIs and other professional organizations. In the service, Accredited Level A Journals are entitled to publication award of PHP200,000/year for 3 years. There are at present 40 accredited journals.

Other mechanisms include the following:

  1. Grants-in-Aid (GIA) and commissioned research with funding for the conduct of research in identified priorities. NHERA-2 allocation from HEDF is PHP135M per year, the bulk of which goes to GIA for research. Faculty may avail of GIA through submission of research proposals to CHED.
  2. Institutionalization of a system of rewards and incentives for research undertakings and outputs, for example, REPUBLICA – PHP50,000/publication in internationally indexed (SCOPUS and ISI) journals; PHP25,000/publication in CHED accredited (non-ISI, non-SCOPUS); and PHP350,000 for the best among the publications.
  3. PHP1M for Best HEI Research Program Award and PHP1M for Outstanding HEI Extension Program Award.

Priority Research Areas were identified and are listed below:

  1. Basic research to generate new knowledge and advance the frontiers of various disciplines
  2. Research in aid of policy or plan formulation and implementation particularly in education
  3. R&D to produce and adapt education technologies and develop education programs in leading edge fields such as nanotechnology, biotechnology, ICT, materials science, and neuroscience.


The delegates from RCS Institute of Nursing and Health Education are currently finishing their research papers guided by the presentations in the summit and are committed to present their papers in next year’s summit.


(Written by Paz H. Diaz, PhD, VPA)