CTE Sophomores (Early Childhood Education majors) organized a seminar entitled “Presenting the Best You” on March 3, 2014 at the Bahay ng Alumni from 9am to 12pm. This seminar was held to enhance the students’ personality, including proper posture, good grooming, and creating a good first impression. It focused on how the students should present themselves as future educators.

CTE’s gracious Dean, Dr. Lily de Guzman, warmly welcomed the distinguished personalities who spoke at the seminar: Ms. Marina A. S. Benipayo and Mr. Ricardo Cepeda. Ms. Marina Benipayo is a fashion model, an actress, an image enhancement trainer and self-growth management speaker and lecturer at the School of Fashion and Arts (SoFA). Mr. Ricardo Cepeda is a well known television and movie character actor, a fashion model, a fitness trainer and nutrition speaker.

“The first four seconds of a meeting is the most important aspect in creating a lasting impression,” said Ms. Benipayo emphasized during her lecture. This is why one should present oneself well if one wants to create a good first impression.

The speakers also candidly talked about their personal experiences, making it easy for the students to relate with. They zeroed in on proper posture, good grooming and selecting clothes and accessories which would enhance the personalities of the students.

CTE Professor Elmer C. Del Rosario delivered an inspirational message to the students and Professor Karen Gan Pineda, discussed ways on improving one’s personality.

The seminar was successfully organized by Maranela Asuncion, Mary Jane Astronomo, Alyza Bracamonte, Sandra Ibuna, Joan Pradia and Jean Magalang as project for their EC 108 (Home School Relationship) and EC 107 (Personal and Social Development) classes.

The guests eagerly posed with the dean and the students for pictures after the seminar.


Written By:
Prof. Karen G. Pineda
Adviser, Early Childhood Development