“The Essence of Education is Liberation from the bondage of Ignorance and Poverty”

The Roosevelt College System believes that Education frees an individual from economic, moral, intellectual, spiritual, and ethical poverty and ignorance; and

  • Education is not only producing literates but also developing useful, productive, politically mature and morally-upright citizens who can assume active roles in social transformation and progress.


The Roosevelt College system, with the creative involvement of every constituent in the desire for continuous improvement, seeks:

  • To instill the value of SCIENCE – the development of analytical, logical and creative minds;
  • To make real the virtue of INDUSTRY by emphasizing love for work and dignity of labor; and
  • To cultivate the mind, body and spirit of the youth for total PROGRESS.


A nurturing educational institution which prepares graduates to be highly competitive, responsive to change and deeply committed to live in harmony with the environment and society.